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Benefits of PEB ?

10 reasons why PEB structure is going to change dynamics in 2022!

  1. Experts guarantee - As per expert research, the PEB market in India is supposed to grow enormously in the next few years. It is recorded to be the most trending form of structure all over the world.

  2. Time & cost-effective - Due to simultaneous work taking place in the factory and the site of construction, the PEB process has been a huge savior of money in the long run.

  3. Quicker mode of construction - Technological advancements have made work easier and there is less load on the manpower. Its easily accessible to customers directly, creating a boom in the construction industry with growing convenience and popularity.

  4. Recyclable - All materials used in the PEB structure are recyclable. In case a customer requires to get the prefabricated structure relocatable, it can easily be done, in addition to minimal amount of wastage involved.

  5. Distinctive - Every building in the PEB structure is built differently from the other,in terms of design,creativity, pattern,etc.It caters to the customizable choice of the customers.>

  6. Government's choice - It has been recorded as the go-to choice for a government's infrastructural campaign because of its quick results. Both private and public sectors are opting for PEB structure, a few examples include - industrial warehouses, storage, industrial shed,multi-story buildings,cold storage,etc.

  7. Ever-increasing demand - With a rise in population,there has been a high demand for housing and then PEB comes to the rescue, being the fastest mode of construction structure possible.

  8. Highly durable - Pre-engineered building structures have also widely been accepted because they provide a higher degree of durability,in case of earthquakes or any other natural calamity.

  9. Acceptable for every structure - It is now used for all types of buildings such as low rise, medium-rise and skyscrapers,inIndia as well as all over the world.

  10. Design Flexibility - No other technology,other than PEB technology provides the most required design flexibility for steel structures. They meet the customized design requirement of customers.

Why Utkarsh PEB?

We have 40+ years of Manufacturing experience in steel fabrication/ rolling/ forming. We are also the market leaders in several heavy re-engineering products that we manufacture.

We are amongst the few manufacturing companies with the highest steel fabrication capacities and facilities across India doing more than 25,000MT/month of steel fabrication. We procure more than 3,00,000MT of steel annually to meet our production requirements.

We have proven experience of critical fabrication such as transmission line towers, telecom towers, high mast poles, railway electrification structures, etc. Most of our products are installed in mega projects across the globe.

We are a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals to execute every project. Equipped with the complete in house production facility of fabrication, testing, quality checks, galvanizing, painting, logistic and installation.

Our Client list for other Divisions includes big and known contractor/EPC players in the country.


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