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How are PEB Steel Structures Better than RCC Buildings?

PEB Steel Structures

In the construction sector, there is a major focus on faster delivery of projects and PEB structures help you achieve that. In India, the demand for PEB structures is growing enormously, especially after the government's Smart City initiative. If you need a structure for your next project, you must be wondering --- PEB Vs RCC -- which is better? Below we share how PEB steel structures are better than RCC buildings:

  1. Cost: As far as  the manufacturing cost of PEB structures is concerned, they are more affordable. The reason being specialised computer analysis and design software optimise material requirement. Moreover, made in a controlled environment, there are fewer variable factors that can delay the work and drive up the cost. The process of installation is simple and quick and, thus, entails lower labour costs. On the other hand, making RCC buildings is a costly process, involving expensive building materials, a lot of manpower and time.

  2. Time: The timeline of RCC buildings depends on various factors,  starting from the condition of the construction site, availability of construction materials, to last-minute changes. Even if the construction site is being readied, the work on PEB structures can be started simultaneously in a factory, saving time. Moreover, as PEB structures are designed, engineered, and made in a controlled environment, there are less variables involved that can delay the work.

  3. Load bearing capacity: The load bearing capacity of PEB structures is taken into consideration, ensuring that the entire frame is sturdy and durable. Moreover, advanced software simulations are run on the structure before it is assembled. This helps in calculating accurate load bearing capacity. The load carrying capacity of steel is  higher than traditional construction materials. 

  4. Earthquake resistance: PEB structures withstand earthquakes more effectively as compared to the RCC buildings.  The reason being RCC buildings are brittle so they are less earthquake resistant.

  5. Weather resistant: Exposure to moisture and rain affects the structural integrity of an RCC building. However, the use of corrosion resistant steel ensures the longevity of PEB structures. 

  6. Maintenance: PEB steel structures require less maintenance as compared to the RCC buildings. RCC buildings are likely to be affected by weather conditions, requiring repair and maintenance work. As made from high quality steel beams and columns, they do not corrode or absorb water. 

  7. Return on investment: PEB steel structures are a great option for temporary warehouses, storage facilities and offices.  Once the project is over,  they can be dismantled and re-installed in a different location.. On the other hand,  an RCC building structure cannot be  moved to a different place. In case, a PEB structure is not needed at all,  the steel can be sold and reused. The materials used in RCC building construction cannot be reused after the destruction of the structure. 

  8. Foundation: For  RCC buildings,  the foundation needs to be strong to take the weight of large weight of the concrete. PEB structures can be assembled without foundation.

Looking for PEB structures for your next project?

We offer PEB structuresmade of highly durable and galvanised material conforming to grade standards IS2062 and ASTM572.  We have over four decades of experience in steel fabrication, rolling and forming.  We have a fabrication capacity of 25,000 metric tonnes per month. We maintain a good stock of raw material of steel, galvanised sheets and fasteners maintained to ensure quick availability. All operations are done in-house including fabrication. We also have 10 in-house testing laboratories for regular quality check of raw materials and finished goods. We have a 24x7 logistics and dispatch department for quick turnaround time. To know more about our PEB structures, contact us.

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