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Liquid and Gas Transportation
Liquid and Gas Transportation

Liquid and Gas Transportation

In industries and factories, often corrosive gases and chemicals need to be transported through pipes. In such cases we need pipes that are galvanized with a layer of zinc or steel to prevent them from rusting and corrosion. And not just galvanization, we need pipes that are economical and last longer. Hence, when it comes to larger projects, there is no better alternative than to use galvanized pipes that are resistant to abrasion and rust. In a progressive economy, the need for such solutions is increasing at a faster pace. That is where we play a significant role.

We manufacture GI pipes as per domestic and international standards. Our comprehensive range of solutions that can be widely used in domestic & industrial pipe lines, agriculture & irrigation purposes.

Beyond these, you can also trust Utkarsh for Street Light Poles, High Masts, Traffic Signal Poles, Steel Tubular Poles, CCTV Poles, Crash Barriers and other traffic structure solutions.

With 40 years of manufacturing excellence and a team of 100 engineers working across the country, Utkarsh India Limited is a trusted name in the Infrastructure industry.

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