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Stadium and Sports Lighting
Stadium and Sports Lighting

Stadium and Sports Lighting

With the widespread demand for live broadcasts from the stadium, the need for superior quality lighting for sports arena becomes immensely vital. Players need clear vision during the matches that extend beyond broad daylight. While the stadium audience needs a clear view of every intricate detail of the ongoing game, the TV audience settles for nothing less than high-definition broadcasting, slow motions and action replays. At Utkarsh India, we understand the rising intensities during a match. And that is why we secure a leading position when it comes to sports lighting.

At Utkarsh India, we manufacture structures that light up outdoor sports arenas with technologically competent lighting solutions keeping in mind the international standards and guidelines.

We offer complete solutions from Stadium Lighting, Flag Masts, High Masts to CCTV poles and smart poles. Beyond these, you can also rely on us for light poles, lamp posts, smart poles and designer street lighting poles.

Our stadium lighting poles are hot-dip galvanised and covered with PU paint, ensuring unparalleled corrosion resistance. Ranging from 10 to 60 meters, our structure's design is ideal for fitting 50–60 sports luminaries, providing durability and outstanding performance. These cutting-edge stadium lighting systems are designed to deliver consistent and powerful illumination with a fixed head-type frame, a platform to install light fittings, and a motorized man rider for maintenance. Renowned for on-time delivery and superior-quality products, our team ensures your stadium shines brightly with robust masts.

With 40 years of manufacturing excellence and a team of 100 engineers working across the country, Utkarsh India Limited is a trusted name in the Infrastructure industry.
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