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The rise of PEB structure in residential spaces

the rise of PEB structure

In Pre-engineered Buildings (PEBs), components are fabricated in a controlled factory setting and then assembled at the designated construction site. Each PEB component must be meticulously designed and measured. The dimensions of all components need to be perfect for all the pieces to fit together seamlessly. While PEBs have been popular in industrial settings for some time, these pre-engineered components are increasingly being used in residential constructions too. As one of the leading PEB structure manufacturers, we share some of the benefits of PEB structures in residential spaces:



1. Efficient and quick construction:


Construction of homes using PEBs is significantly faster than traditional methods. The different construction components for a home are already pre-engineered offsite. During the actual construction phase, all that remains is to assemble these precisely measured components. Also, since all components are designed to match specifications precisely, there is very little room for errors or delays in the project.


2. Cost-effectiveness:


PEB structure construction involves precise measurements and specifications, ensuring minimal wastage of raw materials. Also, the time taken for construction is considerably minimised. All these factors contribute to making residential project construction much more cost-effective compared to traditional methods.


Note: PEBs help to save about 10%-15% on the total expenditure for large-span steel buildings. In comparison, the construction cost of RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) buildings typically runs higher at the construction site.


3. Customisation and design flexibility:


There is often a concern that PEBs cannot be customised or personalised. This is a misconception, as PEBs can now be given unique shapes and architectural elements. This allows architects and engineers to pre-engineer even personalised spaces without compromising on specific aesthetic concepts that homeowners want.


4. Structural integrity:


PEBs offer enhanced structural integrity and durability. Quality steel is used for PEBs, allowing them to withstand various environmental factors. For instance, PEBs possess a higher capability to withstand earthquake forces, owing to their significant ductility and ability to deflect. In contrast, concrete structures, often burdened by their substantial weight, are less adept at resisting the impacts of earthquakes.



5. Possibility of Future Modifications:


PEBs allow for future expansion or renovations in residential settings. One can add floors or extend the property as and when needed in the future. This can be done primarily because of the modular nature of the components fabricated. Any planned modification can also be achieved quickly and without causing too much disruption.



Looking for a reliable PEB structure manufacturer?


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