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Signage Structures

Highway and road signages serve a number of purposes. Right from alerting the drivers about the speed limit, they also prevent detours and provide information like construction work in progress, hazards, sharp bends and turns and more. Without these, travel would be an utter chaos leading to accidents. With the need for road signs arises the need proper structures too. That is where you can count on us.

We manufacture custom-engineered fabricated steel structures and poles of different sizes and materials to meet your requirement. All our masts are hot dip galvanized by single dip seven tank processes that have a minimum design life of 25 years.

Our comprehensive range includes overhead signages, F type signages and LED signages. Beyond these, you can also trust Utkarsh for Crash Barriers, Traffic Signal Poles, CCTV Poles and other traffic structure solutions.

With 40 years of manufacturing excellence and a team of 100 engineers working across the country, Utkarsh India Limited is a trusted name in the Infrastructure industry.

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