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What are the components of a PEB structure? Useful insights by one of the leading PEB structure manufacturers

components of a PEB structure

Pre-engineered buildings (PEBs) have become highly popular in modern construction projects for several reasons, including lower costs and reduced project completion times. Off-site fabrication leads to minimal resource wastage, making these construction projects more sustainable and cost-effective. PEBs comprise various components that are fitted together to complete a structure. Here, we share some insights into some of these components.




1. Primary Members:


As the name suggests, this is the main framework of a PEB. High-quality steel is used to create rafters and columns that support the weight of the finished structure. Precise measurements and advanced technology enable the creation of primary framework components in a way that allows easy assembly at the construction site. Once the primary members are in place, the PEB can progress to further stages.



2. Secondary Members:


While primary members support the overall load of the building, secondary members are necessary for greater robustness and strength. Purlins, running along the roof of the PEB, act as structural support for the roof, preventing it from collapsing. Girts perform a similar function for the walls of the pre-engineered building. Eave struts are another form of secondary member that provide necessary support between rafters and columns.



3. Roof and Cladding Systems:


Roof and cladding systems in PEBs ensure weatherproofing and proper insulation, while also adding aesthetic appeal to the structure. These components are made using high-grade materials to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions. Galvanization and similar protective coatings are applied to roofing components to enhance their resistance to corrosion.



4. Accessories


PEBs also allow for the incorporation of additional accessories, such as doors, ventilation systems, and windows. These elements are not only functionally necessary but also enhance the building’s aesthetic appeal. It is possible to include custom openings in the design during the fabrication process without compromising structural integrity.



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