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Utkarsh India is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality PLB HDPE Duct pipes, designed using virgin, UV-grade HDPE materials, making them ideal for the deployment of optic fiber and copper cables. These ducts are meticulously crafted in accordance with TEC Standards and various international standards, ensuring their reliability and performance.

Our pipes are designed to have superior resistance against natural or mechanical damage, providing enhanced protection for the cables within. They consist of two concentric layers, with the outer layer made of HDPE and co-extruded with an inner layer of solid permanent lubricant. This innovative design helps to reduce the internal coefficient of friction (ICF), facilitating smooth cable installation and reducing the risk of friction-related damages.

As the leading HDPE duct pipe manufacturers and suppliers, we take pride in delivering products of the highest quality and reliability. Our PLB HDPE Duct pipes are engineered to meet the diverse needs of telecom and infrastructure projects, offering excellent performance and long-lasting durability. 

Application Areas

  • Smart city projects: As one of the leading HDPE PLB duct pipes manufacturers in India, our pipes support optic fiber and copper cable installations for smart grids and urban management.
  • Urban and rural connectivity: Vital for improving connectivity in both urban and rural areas.
  • CATV network installations: PLB HDPE duct pipes protect cables in CATV networks.
  • Industrial automation: Safeguard communication and control cables in industrial settings.
  • Public Wi-Fi infrastructure: Lay fiber optic cables for public Wi-Fi networks in parks and transportation hubs.
  • Security surveillance systems: Aid in expanding infrastructure for advanced security surveillance systems.


Utkarsh Permanently Lubricated HDPE Duct pipes are made from virgin grade, UV-certified raw materials co-extruded with the inner lining of permanent solid lubricants. These PLB HDPE Ducts are available in eight different colors Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Violet, Grey & Red.

Key Specifications:

Utkarsh PLB HDPE Duct pipes are manufactured as per TEC standards and specifications of TEC/GR/TX/CDS-008/03 MAR - 11 with amendment no 1 dated 25/28, 03, 2013, in sizes of 32/26 mm, 40/33 mm, and 50/42mm. The ducts are manufactured as per TEC standards & various international standards. The ducts have superior resistance to natural or mechanical damage.

Testings include: Reversion test, Melt flow rate (MFR) density, Overall Migration test, Carbon Black content, and Dispersion, Oxxidation Induction test, Elongation at Break test, Hydro Characteristic test.

Enviroment stress crack-resistant, non-toxic and safe to handle, low-maintenance, easy-future upgradations, temperature-resistant, low co-efficient of friction, light in weight and easy transportation, smooth inner wall duct.

Why Utkarsh PLB Ducts?
  • Licensed by TEC (BSNL)
  • We offer in-house optical fiber cable blowing tests for 1KM HDPE duct length.
  • Comply with all TEC requirements.
  • Constructed using UV-grade (CACT approved) raw materials for a service life exceeding 50 years.
  • Lightweight and flexible design.
  • Facilitate faster and easier installation of optic fiber and copper cables with reduced manpower.
  • Available in coil form for convenience.
  • Result in reduced installation costs.
  • Require low maintenance and allow for easy future upgrades.
  • Fewer accessories needed due to longer pipe lengths.
  • Manufacture non-toxic and safe-to-handle ducts.
  • Ideal for installing OFC via blowing methods.
  • Suitable for Horizontal Directional Drilling applications.
  • Trusted hdpe duct pipe suppliers offering reliable PLB HDPE ducts.

SIZE (With/Without Rope) COLOUR* (as per TEC Specifications)
32/26 mm Green, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Violet, Grey & Red (Outside the duct)
four equi spaced longitudinal continuous white strip line
40/33 mm White Silicon (Inner Layer)
50/42 mm  
Length 500/1000 meters  


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