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W Beam Crash Barriers
W Beam Crash Barriers

W Beam Crash Barriers

Utkarsh India, a leading W Beam crash barrier manufacturer, produces a comprehensive range of crash barriers and components that conform to Indian, American, European, and other international standards. Our commitment to quality is evident as we source the finest raw materials from trusted brands like SAIL, TATA, and Hindustan Zinc. With a manufacturing capacity of up to 48,000 MT of crash barriers, our offerings include W-Beam Single Side Single Barrier, Double Side Single Barrier, Single Side Double Barrier, and Double Side Double Barrier configurations. Our crash barriers undergo thorough testing by European standards.

Feature of the Product

Raw materials are sourced from trusted brands like SAIL, TATA, and Hindustan Zinc

Our W-Beam crash barriers range from single side single barrier, double side single barrier, single side double barrier, double side double barrier

Our W-Beam crash barriers are cold rolled in 2.8mm thickness

Raw materials conform to IS 5986/2062/10748 or equivalent standards

Raw material grades include Fe360/Fe410/Fe510

Post and spacer dimensions are 150755mm (underneath width)

Specifications of W Beam Crash Barrier

Application Area of W Beam Crash Barriers

Utkarsh India’s W Beam crash barriers stand as a formidable safeguarding solution across diverse application areas, including highways, expressways, bridges, and various road networks. With precision engineering and compliance with international standards, our W Beam crash barriers ensure optimal safety and protection. These barriers serve as a reliable defence against vehicular impact, contributing to enhanced road safety. Utkarsh W Beam crash barriers are indispensable for both urban and rural infrastructure projects, making them a vital component of roadside barriers and highway-side barriers. Explore the versatility and effectiveness of our W Beam crash barriers in safeguarding lives and infrastructure.

Why Utkarsh W Beam Crash Barriers?

Discover the unparallelled advantages of Utkarsh India’s W Beam metal crash barriers, manufactured with precision and adherence to Indian, American, European, and various international standards. With a robust production capacity of up to 48,000 MT, we prioritise quality by sourcing premium raw materials from trusted brands such as SAIL, TATA, and Hindustan Zinc. As one of the leading W Beam metal crash barrier manufacturers in India, we ensure safety and durability for diverse applications worldwide.


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