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Benefits of PEB Buildings

benefits of PEB buildings

In the last few years, PEB steel structures have become quite popular. A PEB building is a pre-designed and prefabricated steel structure which can be custom-made according to the requirement and assembled at construction site. PEB buildings are used for making houses, office spaces, warehouses, hangars, factories, stadium structures, railway auditoriums, cold storage spaces and even shopping malls. They are made using steel beams and columns that can be  shaped according to the requirements. If you are planning to use a PEB steel structure for your next project here are some of the benefits of PEB buildingsthat you should know about:

  1. Reduced construction time: One of the key benefits of PEB buildings is that they can be built in much less time than conventional concrete buildings. The components are engineered beforehand and standardised. This reduces the engineering, production and erection time. The use of software for design and drafting speeds up the design phase. Moreover, the use of highly sophisticated machinery such as beam welding machine, plasma cutting machines and shear cutting machines greatly reduce the time of fabrication of built-up components. 

  2. PEB structures can withstand extreme weather conditions: PEB buildings are built of I-frames which are sturdy in nature and are designed to take heavy loads. Since load considerations are already taken into account before construction, this can greatly enhance the quality of the structure. They can also resist the effects of earthquakes. 

  1. PEB structure is low maintenance: Even before the manufacturing of PEB structure starts, the quality of materials to be used is taken into consideration. The use of corrosion resistant steel ensures that the structure can withstand different operating conditions. This reduces the maintenance required on the structure for longer periods of time.

  2. PEB structure is easy to install:  Since most of the engineering of the structure is done in the factory during the prefabrication stage, this reduces the efforts required at the actual construction site. They can be easily transported to the site and assembled using bolts and nuts. As the assembly process is easy, this reduces manual labour.

  3. PEB structure is cost-effective: As the materials are chosen during the design phase and all the calculations are run beforehand, this ensures efficient material usage and less wastage of money. Moreover, a PEB structure can be shifted from one place to another, giving you more return on your investment. 

  4. PEB structure is environmentally friendly: PEB structure is preferred for green projects as they are  relocatable.  This means the same  structure can be  shifted to a different place and used again.  Moreover,  no water needed is for construction. 

Looking for a PEB structure for your project?

We offer you PEB steel structures that are designed and built as per your specifications and requirements. We offer the finest PEB structures. Our PEB structures are highly durable and made of galvanised sheets conforming to grade standards IS2062 and ASTM572. We have a beam welding machine as well as 10 in-house testing labs to ensure that raw materials and finished goods meet the quality and safety standards. We also offer installation and technical advisory.  We deliver across India and have a 24x7 logistic and dispatch department for quick turnaround time. To generate a quote, contact us.

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