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Architecture and Structural
Architecture and Structural

Architecture and Structural

While structural designers while constructing big projects look for an internal skeleton that is durable, strong and sound, architects need structures that are strong yet flexible and can be used to create ambient environment through designs. Be it the structure or appearance, they need strength, specifically the strength of steel. That is where we come into play. Working with necessities around the globe, we understand the need. That is what makes us the leaders in architecture and structural applications.

We manufacture standardized structures as per national and international standards. We offer an array of standard and custom-engineered solutions that includes Steel Tubes and Pipes, Stadium High Mast, Street Light Poles and more. With a full production capacity, we cater to all industrial and architectural needs.

Beyond these, you can also trust Utkarsh for Crash Barriers, Street Light Poles, High Masts, Traffic Signal Poles, Steel Tubular Poles, CCTV Poles and other traffic structure solutions.

With 40 years of manufacturing excellence and a team of 100 engineers working across the country, Utkarsh India Limited is a trusted name in the Infrastructure industry.

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