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Polygonal/Octagonal Poles
Polygonal/Octagonal Poles

Polygonal/Octagonal Poles

Utkarsh offers a wide range of polygonal poles, customised as per client requirements that are used for outdoor illumination, power distribution, solar, surveillance and smart pole application. Manufactured conforming to IS Standards, we offer poles between 3 meter to to any size as per customer specifications and design requirements, that can withstand wind speed up to 300 km/hour.


Utkarsh India offers premium quality galvanised iron octagonal poles

Features 3 and 4-arm decorative brackets with varying angles

Product design starts at 3 m, customisable as per requirements

We have the largest production capacity for polygonal poles, featuring 2 state-of-the-art production facilities and 4 galvanising units

Rigorously tested for quality, including wind tunnel testing by IIT Kanpur and structural stability testing by CSIR, Chennai

Mast structure engineered to withstand a maximum wind speed of up to 250 km/hr.

Application areas of Polygonal/Octagonal Poles

Street and roadway lighting: Polygonal poles and octagonal light poles are commonly used to support streetlights, providing effective illumination along urban streets, highways, and major roadways

Outdoor area illumination: These poles are employed in public spaces such as parks, shopping malls, and commercial zones for outdoor area lighting, enhancing safety and visibility

Telecommunications: Polygonal and octagonal poles serve as sturdy supports for antennas, satellite dishes, and other telecommunication equipment, offering reliable signal transmission

Power distribution: These poles contribute to power distribution infrastructure by providing support for electrical distribution lines and equipment

Traffic signage and signals: The robust construction of polygonal and octagonal poles makes them suitable for supporting traffic signs and signals, aiding in organised traffic management on roads

Public safety and surveillance: These poles act as mounting structures for CCTV cameras, enhancing public safety and security by providing surveillance capabilities in various environments


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