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High Mast Lighting Systems
High Mast Lighting Systems

High Mast Lighting Systems

Utkarsh India offers a wide range of High Mast Lighting Poles or High Mast Lighting Systems, customised as per client requirements that are used for roadways, ports, and other industrial area lighting, stadium lighting, flag mast. Manufactured conforming to IS Standards and can withstand wind speed as per IS 875 (P-3):2015 and can be customized up to 300Kmph.

At Utkarsh India, we pride ourselves on crafting superior-quality high mast poles using top-tier raw materials from renowned brands such as TATA and SAIL steel. Our commitment to excellence is evident as each pole undergoes a meticulous hot-dip galvanisation process with Zinc sourced from Hindustan Zinc. As one of the prominent high mast pole manufacturers in India, we prioritise consistent quality across our offerings. Engineered with our customers in mind, our high mast poles feature a motorised arrangement for seamless raising and lowering, latching devices for efficient area lighting, and are PU-painted for enhanced corrosion protection offering a refined aesthetic design.


     In-house design expertise: For high mast lighting design, we have structural and foundation design capabilities using specialized software, validated by IIT-Kharagpur

     Suspension options: Our high mast light poles come in three-point and two-point suspension configurations for installation flexibility

     Rust-Free Components: Equipped with rust-free electroplated rope drums, sprockets, and torque limiters

    Grooved Rope Drum: The winch's rope drum features left-hand and right-hand grooves for improved ring alignment

     Lantern Ring Variations: Available in both detachable arm and fixed arm configurations for your preference

     Galvanizing Excellence: We are one of the leading high mast pole manufacturers in India equipped with high mast offerings that have gone through a 7-tank galvanising process ensuring superior adhesion and uniform coating

     Comprehensive Testing: We have all facilities, including a spectrometer for chemical analysis, in our plants

     Safety Compliance: Trailing cables conform to IS9968 (P-1) standards for safety and durability

     Rigorous Testing: All winches and motors are thoroughly tested with proper loads before dispatch

     Wind Tunnel Testing: Our high masts undergo wind tunnel testing at IIT-Kanpur for optimal performance

Application area of High mast Lighting systems

High mast lighting system usages are diverse, serving as adaptable luminaires designed for high-intensity illumination and uniform light distribution, these are used in expansive outdoor areas such as highways, expressways, airports, seaports, sports stadiums, and industrial complexes for better visibility. These fixtures ensure uniform coverage, contributing to safety and visibility during the night. Beyond practicality, high mast lighting transforms public spaces like city squares, parks, and residential areas, creating a consistent and well-lit ambience that blends with aesthetics. In critical infrastructure installations such as ports, railway yards, and oil refineries, high masts play an indispensable role by providing continuous and reliable lighting, ensuring uninterrupted operations and heightened security. 

Export Areas

Utkarsh India is not only a leading high mast solution provider in India but also an expert exporter of innovative solutions. With our extensive experience and deep understanding of high-mast technology, we have successfully ventured into international markets.

As a trusted manufacturer and supplier, we deliver high-quality high-mast solutions that meet international standards. Our expertise ensures that our products offer superior performance, durability, and reliability in every project, no matter the location.

We take immense pride in exporting our high mast solutions to countries worldwide, contributing to the enhancement of global infrastructure. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a solid reputation as a reliable partner in the global market.

Why Utkarsh High Mast Lighting Poles?
  • Innovative in-house design facilities: As one of the distinguished high mast lighting system suppliers in India, we have cutting-edge in-house design capabilities. Our designs are crafted using PLS/specialised software, and validated by IIT-Kharagpur.
  • Versatile suspension options: Our high poles are available in three- and two-point suspension configurations, providing flexibility to meet diverse installation requirements
  • Rust-free reliability: Our high mast poles are equipped with electroplated rope drums, sprockets, and torque limiters made with rust-free components
  • Precision grooved rope drum: Our high mast poles have rope drums featuring left-hand and right-hand grooves, enhancing ring alignment for seamless operation and longevity.
  • Customisable lantern ring configurations: Our high mast poles feature detachable and fixed arm lantern ring options, offering versatility to suit specific requirements.
  • Exceptional galvanising process: Our high mast poles are 7-tank galvanised, ensuring superior adhesion and uniform coating for enhanced longevity.
  • Comprehensive testing facilities: All our plants are equipped with comprehensive testing facilities, including a Spectrometer for chemical analysis, ensuring the highest quality standards in every component.
  • Safety-conscious design: We are one of the few high mast lighting system manufacturers offering certified products. Our trailing cables conform to IS 9968 (P-1) standards and stainless steel hardware further extends the life of our high mast lighting systems.
  • Innovative head frame features: Our high mast poles are equipped with a head frame that boasts a stainless steel axle with an anti-rotation clamp, and a stainless steel guide roller for smooth cable and rope rolling.
  • Robust drive chain: Our high mast lighting systems feature a heavy-duty drive chain (1/2 inch pitch) for lifting the ring.
  • Double safety protection: We prioritise safety with dual protection for the motor, incorporating both mechanical and electrical safeguards.
  • Security  features: Optionally we provide anti-theft nuts for foundation bolts, accompanied by a specially developed wrench for high mast installations.
  • HDPE buffer for added protection: Our high mast poles have a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) buffer arrangement for the Lantern Ring, ensuring additional protection.
  •  Thorough testing and structural checks: Every winch and motor undergoes rigorous testing with proper loads before dispatch. Additionally, structural designs are meticulously checked for each order before production.
  • Performance verified by wind tunnel testing: Our commitment to optimal performance is validated by wind tunnel tests conducted at IIT-Kanpur.

Production Range Lighting Mast, Stadium Mast, Flag Mast, Signage Mast, Solar Mast, High Mast Lighting Systems
Wind Speed Upto 300 Kmph
Luminary As per the required design.
Production Capacity 6,000 Pcs./year
Installation 25,000


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