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Railway Electrification Structures
Railway Electrification Structures

Railway Electrification Structures

As a CORE PART I approved vendor, Utkarsh India takes pride in being a leading manufacturer and supplier of railway electrification structures and fittings. We specialise in offering a versatile range of products, including RSJ Mast, BFB Mast, B Series Mast, TTC Mast, Portal, and SPS, along with customised structures. Our commitment extends to delivering high-quality fittings for railway electrification systems, ensuring durability and optimal performance. Engineered for both Overhead Equipment (OHE) and Traction Substations (TSS), our structures feature robust construction with hot-dip galvanisation. With a production capacity of 48,000 MT per annum, we meet the dynamic demands of the industry while strictly adhering to RVNL standard. Our dedication to excellence encompasses providing top-notch fittings for railway electrification, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of rail infrastructure.


Hot dip galvanised railway electrification structures 

Made with special high-grade zinc for superior corrosion resistance

Designed with raw materials sourced from renowned brands like SAIL, Hindustan Zinc

Railway TSS structures are inspected within a rapid timeframe of 20-25 days through RITES (Rail India Technical and Economic Service)

Specification standard- CORE / RVNL 

Guidelines (OHE Mast, TTC, Portal)- CORE STR NO. CORE-STR-01

Guidelines (SPS, TSS)- CORE STR NO. - CORE-STR-01/A

Guidelines (In process inspection) - IS 802 (Part II), IS 7215

Guidelines (Galvanising process control) - IS 2629, IS 2633

Guidelines (Galvanising tests) - ETI/OHE/13 (4/84), AC SLIP 1-4 Cl. 4.1, Cl. 7.4.4

B Series Mast certification - IS_2062, IS_808 

BFB Mast certification- IS_2062, IS_808  

TFT Mast certification- IS_2062, IS_808  

TFT Mast certification- IS_2062, IS_808 

Areas of Application

Utkarsh India’s railway electrification structures encompass different types of masts in railway and Traction Substations (TSS), each serving specific functions across the rail network:

Overhead Equipment (OHE) support: Different types of mast structures are strategically positioned to support the overhead wires and catenary system, ensuring the seamless transmission of electrical power to trains.

Traction Substation (TSS) framework: Within the realm of railway electrification, TSS configurations, including various mast types, play a pivotal role in housing equipment responsible for converting high-voltage AC power into the requisite voltage for optimal train operation.

Portal structures: Portals, designed with specific mast types, provide essential support for overhead wires, creating a robust framework for the electrification system. This configuration contributes to the smooth movement of trains through the rail network.

Switching stations support: The network of electrification structures within switching stations, featuring different mast types, ensures the effective distribution and control of electrical power. This optimisation enhances the overall performance of the rail electrification system.

Trackside stability: Along the railway track, foundations, supports, and diverse mast types enhance the stability and functionality of the electrification system. This adaptability caters to various requirements along the rail route.

Adaptation for tunnels and bridges: Specialised mast types are tailored for specific environments such as tunnels and bridges within the electrification system. This customisation addresses the unique challenges posed by these segments of the railway network.

Why Utkarsh Railway Electrification?
  • Equipped with two cutting-edge plants with a 12.5 metre-long hot dip galvanising facility, utilising 99.995% pure special high-grade zinc for superior corrosion resistance in manufacturing steel structures for railway electrification
  • We ensure efficient tower-wise bundling for customer convenience during the on-site erection of steel structures
  • Our raw materials are sourced from renowned brands like SAIL and Hindustan Zinc to ensure top-notch quality for steel structures in railway electrification
  • Precision manufacturing with a skilled workforce of approved welders and necessary equipment for steel structures
  • In-house design department with the latest hardware and an advanced ERP system, ensuring efficient structural designs for steel structures dedicated to railway electrification.
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We are an CORE PART I approved vendor. We manufacture all range of structures & Special type of structures and Galvanized ERW Steel Tubes and Counter Weight Guide Tube (RI-NO. 5063-1). Fabricated and Galvanized Steel Structures for OHE & TSS.


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