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Transmission Towers
Transmission Towers

Transmission Towers

Utkarsh India isa leading manufacturer of Powergrid-approved Transmission Line Towers in India.Our comprehensive range of towers cover voltage ranges from 66 kV to 765 kV,including CHT/VHT/UHT HVDV to AC (single, double, multi-circuit) towerssuitable for Twin, Quad, and Hex conductor configurations. As one of the toptransmission tower manufacturers in India, we are committed to deliveringhigh-quality solutions for the power transmission industry.

Our towers aredesigned to meet the stringent requirements of power transmissioninfrastructure, ensuring reliability and durability. We offer a variety oftower configurations, including suspension towers, tension towers, angletowers, and terminal towers, among others.

At Utkarsh India,we leverage our expertise and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities to providecustomised solutions tailored to meet specific project requirements. With ourextensive experience and commitment to excellence, we are highly renowned asthe most trusted choice for transmission tower solutions in India.

Application area of Transmission Towers

An efficientpower transmission network stands as the bedrock of a nation's growth andenergy infrastructure, Utkarsh India emerges as a leading player in this vitalsector.


At Utkarsh India,we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of transmission towers, alsoknown as electric towers or high voltage towers, catering to the diverse needsof the energy landscape. The various application areas of transmission towersinclude:


     Power transmission: These structures efficientlytransport electricity from sources to end-users. Our transmission towers play apivotal role in the efficient and reliable transmission of electricity frompower generation sources to substations.

     Grid infrastructure: These physical componentsenable widespread power distribution. Serving as integral components of theelectrical grid, our towers contribute to the seamless distribution of poweracross regions.

     Renewable energy connectivity: This involves theintegration of wind and solar power into the main grid. Utkarsh India'stransmission towers connect remote renewable energy sources, such as wind farmsand solar facilities, to the main power grid.

     Substation connection: These structuresfacilitate the connection of power lines to substations, allowing for furtherdistribution or voltage transformation.

     Telecommunication support: In certain cases, ourtransmission towers also support telecommunication equipment, optimizing theuse of infrastructure.

     Transportation electrification: Our towerssupport overhead power lines for electrified transportation systems, such aselectric railways, contributing to the advancement of sustainabletransportation.

     Industrial power supply: Utkarsh India'stransmission towers ensure the efficient supply of electricity to industrialcomplexes and large manufacturing facilities.

     Emergency power distribution: In emergencysituations, our towers can be deployed as temporary structures for swift powerrestoration, minimizing downtime.


Export areas

Utkarsh India is also a reliable exporter of transmission towers worldwide. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have successfully delivered transmission tower solutions to various countries across the globe.

We are highly capable of exporting a wide range of transmission towers, including those designed for different voltage levels and conductor configurations. We ensure that our towers comply with international standards and specifications, meeting the requirements of diverse transmission line projects.

At Utkarsh India, we prioritise quality and reliability in all our exported transmission towers. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, advanced technology, and skilled workforce enable us to consistently deliver towers that meet the highest industry standards.

With our strong logistical efficiency and effective supply chain management, we ensure timely delivery to our international clients. Our exporting expertise has garnered us a reputation for being a trusted partner in the global transmission tower market.

Countries we’re associated with:

●  Uruguay

●  Uganda

Why Utkarsh Transmission Tower?

Utkarsh India delivers high-quality transmission towers ranging from 66kV to 765kV, offering versatile solutions with an unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and a sustainable future.


  • Semi-automatic machines and high-end facility for accurate measurements
  • Abundant space for proto assembly
  • Two Plants of 12.5 Mtr Long Hot Dip Galvanizing facility using Special high grade Zinc (purity of 99.995%)
  • We do tower-wise bundling to facilitate customers at the erection site.
  • Raw materials sourced from main producers namely TISCO, SAIL, RINL, Hindustan Zinc Limited
  • Full-fledged in house Welding facilities
  • Design Department with latest Hardware and ERP System
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Exports Countries

Classification Angular, Tubular or Hybrid
Current AC Line or DVDC Line and MCMV
Phase Single Phase Line or 3 Phase Line
Circuit Single Circuit – vertical, horizontal & delta configuration towers
Double Circuit line
Multiple Circuit line
Material Structural Steel in Latticed form
Steel tubular Sections & monopoles
Concrete construction
EHT/VHT/UHT According to the Voltage carrying capacity
Configurations 66 k V, 132 k V, 220 k V, 400 k V, 500 k V, 765 k V, 800 k V


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