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Transmission Towers
Transmission Towers

Transmission Towers

Utkarsh India manufactures Powergrid approved Transmission Line Towers ranging between 66 kV to 765 kV ranging CHT/VHT/UHT HVDV to AC (single, double, multi circuit) Towers suitable for Twin, Quad and Hex conductor configuration. Some typical power transmission tower configurations are given below.

Why Utkarsh Transmission Tower?
  • Semi-automatic machines and high-end facility for accurate measurements
  • Abundant space for proto assembly
  • Two Plants of 12.5 Mtr Long Hot Dip Galvanizing facility using Special high grade Zinc (purity of 99.995%)
  • We do tower-wise bundling to facilitate customers at the erection site.
  • Raw materials sourced from main producers namely TISCO, SAIL, RINL, Hindustan Zinc Limited
  • Full-fledged in house Welding facilities
  • Design Department with latest Hardware and ERP System
Exports Countries
  • Uruguay
  • Uganda

Classification Angular, Tubular or Hybrid
Current AC Line or DVDC Line and MCMV
Phase Single Phase Line or 3 Phase Line
Circuit Single Circuit – vertical, horizontal & delta configuration towers
Double Circuit line
Multiple Circuit line
Material Structural Steel in Latticed form
Steel tubular Sections & monopoles
Concrete construction
EHT/VHT/UHT According to the Voltage carrying capacity
Configurations 66 k V, 132 k V, 220 k V, 400 k V, 500 k V, 765 k V, 800 k V