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Insights on Creating Vibrant Public Spaces by a Designer Street Light Supplier

Public spaces are a part of the culture of a city. They provide people opportunities to come together and engage as a community. However, for public places to promote a sense of inclusiveness they must be designed as per the growing needs of the city as well as the local culture. As a reputed designer light supplier, we share with you useful insights on creating vibrant public spaces

  1. Keep it simple and adaptable
    When you are in the initial stages of your project it is important to keep the design of the public space simple and adaptable. The reason being public spaces are always evolving. For instance, In Indian metro cities since the metro train has come the public life is getting more centered around transit routes and metro stations.  Therefore, a good design should be one that can be later on changed.
  2. Make it inclusive for everyone
    A good public space should not just be welcoming and aesthetically pleasing but it should be accessible to all. This means public space should be designed in a way that it is safe and finding  the way around isn’t difficult.  Pavements and signages should be there to improve accessibility. A good public place enables everyone, including people with physical disabilities, to move around the city safely.
  3. Create multi-use spaces
    Spaces function differently at different times of the day. Public spaces can be designed in such a way that they can be used in multiple ways at different times of the day. For instance, a city square can integrate the market, culture and food.  It can be used by retailers and food vendors to do their business and at the same time, artists can use it to showcase their talent. Skyline, pathways with sitting arrangements, parks and cultural centres are some vibrant public spaces.
  4. Install designer street lights
    Although the primary purpose of street lights at night is to provide illumination for security and safety, street lights are an important part of the character of the city. Illuminating the city squares, archways and areas outside retail stores calls attention to the uniqueness of a place. This brings a sense of drama to the experience of being in such places.
  5. Choose durable and simple materials
    When you choose materials for designing public spaces, they should be defined by the simplicity of design and layout as well as quality. To choose appropriate materials, you must bear the following things in mind:
  1. Choose materials that have a lower carbon footprint. As public spaces are high-traffic areas, use materials that can be replaced easily.
  2. To focus on quality and cost, chalk out a detailed plan.
  3. Make sure that material is chosen keeping design and aesthetics in mind.

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