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High Mast Light Pole Benefits for Installation

high mast light pole benefits for installation

High-mast lighting poles (HMLs) are elevated fixtures that illuminate a large area uniformly. The pole is generally 40 to 150 feet high, with multiple fixtures to distribute adequate light. Sports venues, airports, and highways are examples of a few locations that require high-mast lighting pole. Moreover, such areas are prone to accidents post-sunset making HMLs a mandatory inclusion.

HMLs Structure

Before you plan to install HMLs, you should know the structure and how it fits into your requirement.

The HML system includes three primary categories:

·        Structure of the mast

·        Headframe

·        Luminaries

The headframe comes in several designs and is either mobile or fixed.

Mobile structures involve a winch mechanism to manoeuvre and maintain the luminaire. Moreover, these headframes also come with a latching mechanism that supports the weight of the headframe and lighting fixtures.

Benefits of High Mast Light Pole

Here are some reasons why you might require installing high mast light pole for outdoor areas:

Environment Friendly

Earlier, it was more common to use HIDs lamps for high mast light pole. However, it was not environmental-friendly because it generated high-pressure sodium, mercury vapour, and metal halide. On the contrary, LED lights are free from such toxic gases, making them harmless for users and the environment.

Saves Energy

LED lamps used for high mast light pole save energy and offer durability. These range from 209 to 750 watts and are manufactured in a way to reduce energy consumption by 50 to 80% compared to HIDs.


LEDs manufactured for high mast light pole increase longevity. Moreover, the process ensures that the generated voltage degrades slowly and gradually. It extends the lifespan of the LED lights and makes them cost-effective for the user.


Every high-mast lighting pole will have at least 4 to 6 fixtures for LEDs. The multi-point design evenly distributes light in different directions. Moreover, high lighting levels offer maximum coverage. If you avail LEDs in various colour temperatures, it increases brightness.


Consumer inclination towards LED lights is primarily because of durability and cost-

efficiency. LED floodlights are robust and long-lasting. They last 10 times longer than filament or gas-based lighting solutions.

With approximately 50,000 hours of longevity, LEDs make high mast light pole an excellent investment for corporate solutions. Since the stress of regular maintenance reduces, it also saves money and time.

Controlled Heat Emission

High mast light pole generate a significant amount of heat due to the floodlights. Further, it is the most potent lighting appliance and contributes to the rise in temperature around the location installed. Previously, HIDs lamps created a significant hazard due to this. However, the heat emission from LED lights is restricted due to active thermal management.

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Why do You Need to Install HMLs?

Here are some reasons you could need HMLs for commercial or personal purposes:

Industrial Infrastructure

Chemical plants, petroleum refineries, open-pit mines, warehouses or manufacturing units may require HMLs to facilitate adequate light for production areas. Round-the-clock operations in such outdoor regions are impossible without a proper lighting facility.

Parking Lots

Commercial parking lots are usually enclosed areas that do not get adequate light throughout the day. To ensure there is enough space between two vehicles and reduce shadows between parked cars, HMLs are necessary.

Freight Terminals

HMLs can facilitate logistics activities in outdoor areas like seaports, airports, truck terminals, etc. Moreover, freight terminals with high piles of stacked cargo require high illumination to reduce shadows. Thus, HMLs can illuminate confined areas to facilitate loading and discharging equipment seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

Utkarsh India is one of the leading high mast pole manufacturers that facilitates the application of light illumination. With a clientele including Indian National Highway, Railway, Military Engineering Service, etc., we have proven to be the most reliable and trustable brand in India.

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