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How to Solve Common Communication Problems with Suppliers? Useful insights by one of the leading steel pipe manufacturers in Kolkata

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There are no two ways that effective communication between you and suppliers is important to build a strong and trusting relationship. When both parties communicate clearly and concisely, any unforeseen issues or challenges can be addressed together. As one of the leading steel pipe manufacturers in Kolkata, we share with our useful insights to solve common communication problems with Suppliers:

  1. Establish communication standards

Even before you start working with a supplier, you must create a set of guidelines by which your team will communicate. This will build a strong foundation on which future communication efforts can be built. Have a consistent system in place for reporting, order management and supplier performance management. 

The absence of consistency often leads to communication roadblocks. Establishing a clear plan for how to communicate with suppliers can ensure an effective working relationship. Some of the basic points that you should cover include: 

  • How frequently should your team hold meetings with your suppliers?

  • What will be the preferred mode of communication? 

  • How to involve them in your long and short-term plans?

  1. Appoint SPOCs 

For a fruitful relationship with the supplier, it is important that direct communications are maintained. This should be implemented at the initiation of all contracts and continue through the life of the contract. Often when the supplier doesn't know whom they should speak to in your organisation, the crucial information may get lost. A good way to have effective collaboration is to have SPOCs (Single Point of Contacts) on both sides. 

Direct communication ensures maintenance of communication between both parties. 

Note: The SPCOs should not only be trained to maintain the supplier relationship but should also possess technical knowledge to understand the updates. 

  1. Make sure that the communication is not ambiguous 

Train your team to communicate in a clear and concise manner. The mails should be to the point and there should be little room for confusion. 

Note: If any communication is urgent and highly emotional, it should be delivered in person or a video conferencing meet should be called. 

  1. Give regular feedback 

One of the common communication problems is that suppliers do not get feedback regularly. It is therefore your responsibility to appraise the supplierâ€�"�s quality performance fairly and communicate the same. Feedback is important even when the supplier has been performing consistently and satisfactorily. Regular feedback helps the supplier know that they are on the right track. 

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