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How to select W metal beam crash barriers?

how to select w metal beam crash barriers

A W-beam crash barrier is a type of road safety barrier that prevents vehicles from colliding with roadside hazards such as trees and ditches. Also, it prevents vehicles from leaving the roadway. High-quality W beam crash barriers are designed to absorb the shock from the colliding vehicles without getting deformed. In low-light areas, W-beam crash barriers are often painted with fluorescent paint to improve their visibility and help drivers see them more easily. Also, in poor weather conditions when drivers may have difficulty seeing the barriers, reflective materials are applied to the barriers.

Selecting a W beam metal crash barrier, you need to consider various factors, including: 

  • Crash performance 

  • Location where the crash barrier will be installed

  • Length and height of the barrier

  • Barrier terminal treatment

When selecting a W metal beam crash barrier, it is equally important to choose the right manufacturer. Here are a few thing to keep in mind while selecting W metal beam crash barrier manufacturers:

  1. Experience of the manufacturer and the range of products they offer: W metal beam crash barriers play an important role in saving lives and thus need to be manufactured using high-quality steel and designed to meet the strictest safety and performance standards. Hence, the experience of the manufacturer matters to a considerable extent. Experience does not only count in years, but also the proven track record of successful service delivery to the clients. It is also inclusive of the clientele that the manufacturer has served. 

It is important to choose a manufacturer with ample years of experience in the industry as they have already gained the suitable expertise to deliver the best of products that the customers expect of them.  Utkarsh India is one of the leading w metal beam crash barrier manufacturers. We offer a wide range of W metal beam crash barriers: 

  • W-Beam- Single Side Single Barrier

  • Double Side Single Barrier

  • Single Side Double Barrier 

  • Double Side Double Barrier

  1. Durability: It goes without saying that crash barriers must be durable in order to withstand the impact of collisions on roadways. If they are not durable, they cannot protect drivers and passengers from potentially life-threatening accidents. 

Installed in high risk areas and accident prone zones, W metal beam crash barriers are often exposed to harsh weather conditions which can also cause corrosion, and damage over time. Strong and high-quality crash barriers are not only efficient in protecting motorists but also last long. 

Hence, it is important to select a manufacturer who places high emphasis on quality and that takes several steps to ensure that their products meet industry standards and customer expectations. At Utkarsh India, we source the finest quality raw materials from leading trusted brands like SAIL, TATA and Hindustan Zinc. Our crash barriers are

Manufactured conforming to Ministry of Road Transport & Highways India (MORTH) and American (AASHTO M180). Our products are also crash tested as per the European standard.

  1. Online reviews: Online reviews let customers express their views and opinion about different products and services, which can be shared and accessed by everyone. Potential customers can check these reviews and decide if they want to go with their chosen brands or manufacturers. Hence, it is important to take a look at the online reviews of the manufacturers and suppliers before you finalize the deal. Also, ask your colleagues and experts in the industry for recommendations on manufacturers and suppliers they have worked with and had positive experiences with. 

  1. Budget: While choosing the right manufacturer, it is also important to consider the price of the W beam crash barrier offered by manufacturer and supplier. You need to simultaneously check the market price of the product and prices offered by other companies so you can compare and make an informed decision. 

Looking for a reputed W metal beam crash barrier manufacturer?

We are one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality and highly durable steel crash barriers. Our manufacturing process involves a combination of specialized equipment, superior quality raw materials, and a stringent quality check to ensure that the barriers are safe, durable, and meet all the required regulations and standards. We have the capacity to roll up to 48,000 MT of crash barriers. To know more, get in touch with us.

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