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Road Safety Tips for Driving in Rainy Season: Curated by a Reputed W Beam Metal Crash Barriers Manufacturer

w beam metal crash barriers manufacturer

Rain and wet road conditions are the worst driving conditions that motorists have to face. Slippery roads, decreased tire traction and reduced visibility make driving in the rain quite difficult and unsafe. While reducing speed is important to drive safely in wet conditions, there are several other things that motorists need to be aware of when driving in the rain. As a reputed W beam metal crash barriers manufacturer, we share a few important road safety tips for driving in rainy season:

  1. The vehicle should be in good condition: Motorists must ensure that their vehicles are in good condition before they head out in rainy weather. The tires, windshield wipers, headlights and brakes of the vehicles must be checked. Even a small mechanical fault can either cause an accident or bring the vehicle to a standstill. 

  2. The motorists should check the weather forecast: Rain can be quite unpredictable, especially in the monsoon season. Motorists must tune in to the weather forecast before they get into the vehicle. Staying updated on the weather predictions can help them plan their journey better. 

  3. Drive slowly: As mentioned above, motorists must drive slowly. They should leave early for their destination during the rainy season so that if it does pour they donâ€�"�t feel the pressure to drive fast. 

Note: The speed mentioned on the side of the road is the maximum speed for perfect weather and perfect road conditions. So if the road is wet, motorists should drive slowly. 

  1. Motorists must not use cruise control: Cruise control is a good and helpful feature in dry conditions. But it increases the risk of losing control over the car in wet conditions. The automatic acceleration can cause motorists to lose control of the vehicle when the tires regain traction.

  2. Motorists must turn the headlights on: Visibility becomes a serious challenge during the rainy season. Motorists must turn the headlights for better visibility. 

  3. Motorists must maintain distance from other vehicles: During wet weather, motorists must maintain a good distance from other vehicles. This is because, the risk of collision is high during rains due to slippery roads, less visibility and even wet brakes. With more space between the vehicles, the motorists can brake gently. 

  4. Motorists must use windshield wipers when itâ€�"�s raining: Motorists must use windshield wipers  even during light showers and drizzle. This will clear away the moisture in the glass, ensuring better visibility. During heavy rain, the front and back defoggers must be used to maximise visibility.

How do W beam metal crash barriers and highway crash barriers ensure road safety?

Metal crash barriers play a crucial role in ensuring road safety especially when itâ€�"�s raining. As they are painted with fluorescent paint, they offer visual guidelines - even when itâ€�"�s raining or itâ€�"�s dark, motorists can see where the road is turning. 

In case of an accident, highway crash barriers  protect vehicles from crashing into oncoming vehicles or reduce the chances of vehicles falling into the abyss. W beam metal crash barriers are designed to have two or three rails that absorb the impact when the vehicle crashes at high speed, this helps to restrain the vehicle from rolling over the bridge.

Looking for W beam metal crash barrier manufacturers for your project?

We offer W beam metal crash barriers and highway crash barriers that are manufactured and tested conforming to international standards and standards set by MORTH and AASHTO.  We offer single side single barriers, double side single barriers, single side double barriers and double side double barriers. We are a trusted company in the infrastructure sector because: 

  • We have the capacity to roll 48,000 MT of crash barriers. 

  •  We source raw materials from brands such as SAIL, TATA and Hindustan Zinc. 

  • Our crash barriers are crash tested as per the European standards. 

  • They are hot-dip galvanised for longer life. 

  • We are a one-stop shop for all components and anchorage systems such as L-Shaped turned down end terminals, fishtail type end terminals and U-shaped median end terminals. 

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