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How Local Authorities can use Social Media to Promote Road Safety? Useful Insights by a Metal Beam Crash Barriers Manufacturer

In today�"�s digital era, social media is the one of best platforms for launching road safety campaigns and thus, increasing public engagement and promoting positive behaviour on the roads. Social media as a communications tool has been growing in importance as it helps to share meaningful and even life-saving information. As a reputed metal beam crash barriers manufacturer, we share tips on how local authorities can use social media to promote road safety:

  1. Use social media to share real-time updates: 

Social media is a great platform for local authorities to constantly give current traffic updates helping commuters navigate their routes. They can also rely on user-generated content to share up-to-date happenings about traffic conditions. 

Real-time alerts about traffic jams can help users plan their route better and reduce accidents. Also, besides traffic updates, social media can also be used to share updates about weather conditions, road work, bad roads and or any other emergency that can affect the flow of traffic.  Social media channels can help local authorities communicate important safety information to the affected areas in a short amount of time. 

  1. Customise content for different platforms 

When planning campaigns, local authorities should consider different social media channels that will help them reach their target audience. To leverage the power of social media, they can deliver a multi-channel campaign, where the messages will be posted on several social media channels. However, it is important to customise these messages for each platform. 

  1. Create and share valuable content

To create share-worthy content, the content should be compelling  and informative. To create content for social media, local authorities must remember that preachy road safety awareness messages may get lost in the cacophony of content that the audience experiences everyday. Here are some tips to create shareable and yet valuable social media content on road safety: 

  • Use positive language with catchy headlines and bright images: Audiences in general respond better to positive and constructive messages. For social media posts, itâ€�"�s a good idea to use positive language along with bright photos, informative graphics and other images to grab the attention of audiences. 

  • Align the message with trending hashtags: Hashtags make social media content easily discoverable. When local authorities are posting content, they must use relevant hashtags. They can also use popular hashtags that are centred on the major news topics of the world. When they see a trend that is related to road safety or road accidents, they can engage with it by using that tag. However, the messaging of content has to be carefully chosen in such cases.

  • Use memes:  The use of humour to deliver a key message is useful to engage the target audience and make them more receptive to the message. From memes to witty posts, humour can be used to draw attention and engage with the audience.

  1. Keep conversation flowing: 

Local authorities need to keep the conversation about road safety flowing. For this they can: 

  • Conduct online contests and polls 

  • Encourage audience to ask questions 

  • Conduct user-generated upload contests

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