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Contribution of Utkarsh India in Railways

Contribution of utkarsh india in railways

Utkarsh India Limited is a leading supplier and manufacturer in the field of Railway structures in India. We operate on the principle that quality is more than commitment to our customers. Spending more than 40 years in the business as the leading Railway SPS manufacturer we have gained trust by providing high-end engineered products.

We had formed to be the CORE PART I approved vendor to manufacture and thereby supplying various types of products to the Indian Railways which includes portals, masts, gantries, beams, customized structures, and sub-station structures. We offer our customers a wide range of versatile products that are CORE approved, like RSJ Mast, BFB Mast, B Series Mast, TTC Mast, Portal, and SPS.

Here are some of the benefits of the RailwayElectrification Structure:

Increases the speed and efficiency – The Railway Electrification Structure will help to induce the speed and efficiency of the existing trains. By using Railway Electrification Structure, the trains will move faster, hence allowing them to pull more loads or coaches, as compared to the diesel engines.

Cost-effective – Railway Electrification Structure lead to a huge amount of cost-saving as the electric locomotive would engage less amount of money than diesel engines.

Why Utkarsh India Limited is the first choice for Railway Electrification Structures? 

We at UtkarshIndia have two plants of 12.5 meter, which provides a Long Hot DIP Galvanizing facility by using Special high-grade Zinc offering a purity of 99.995%. We offer our clients tower-wise bundling to facilitate them at the erection site.

We take raw materials from reputed brands like SAIL (Steel Authority Of India Ltd) and Hindustan Zinc.

Utkarsh India Limited imbibe a group of approved welders along with all the necessary equipment that are required for welding SPS for Railway Electrification structure or any related steel structures for the Railway.

We have a team of designers and we are equipped with the latest hardware and ERP system also known as the Enterprise Resource Planning system. 


We at Utkarsh India Limited were certified as the winner with Rail and Metro Awards in the year 2020 by Rail analysis.

We are also been certified by Central Organization for Railway Electrification (CORE) Jangalpur and Gurap.

These are the lists of certifications that we have received, which have made us more determined in delivering much more qualified products that ensure customer satisfaction.


Besides being the leading manufacturer and supplier in India of SPS for Railway Electrification or any related steel structures for the Railways, we at Utkarsh India Limited also offer our customers various other steel products like Steel Tabular Poles, Street Light Poles, HighMasts, Traffic signals and CCTV Poles, and other related structural solutions.

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