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Uses and Features of GI Pipe Products

Uses and Features of GI Pipe Products

A galvanized iron or GI pipe helps distribute water in either raw or treated form to areas that require supply. These pipes are cheap to acquire, lightweight to install, and easy to manoeuvre. Due to their reliable and durable product line, Utkarsh India is the leading GI pipe manufacturer in the country.

How are GI pipes produced?

Their GI pipe products come with zinc protection to prevent corrosion. The manufacturing process requires the use of mild steel strips comprising low carbon steel coils.
The steel strips go through a process of fin rolling and turn circular in shape. The following process requires the welding of strip slit ends by providing a high-power electric current across their edges.

Once welded, the pipes pass through sizing sections to fix dimension imbalances, if any. Furthermore, they are sized according to standard length by using automatic cutting machines. The final process involves thorough pressure testing to detect a leak.

Utkarsh India manufactures three types of GI pipes. The Class A product has lightweight and marked with the colour yellow, Class B has medium weight and is marked with the colour blue, and Class C has heavy weight and is marked red for identification.

Uses of GI pipes

A GI pipe has multiple uses, including:

1. Structural usage

2. Electric pole

3. Oil/gas transmission

4. Water and sewage transportation

5. Automotive usage

6. Engineering usage

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What are the features of GI pipes?

When trying to find reasons to acquire GI pipes for any of the purposes mentioned above, you must consider features including:

1. Easy fabrication and weld consistency.

2. It is convenient to bend and increases the possibility of usage.

3. A quality zinc coating is provided to keep the pipe free from rust.

4. High-quality materials are used to make the pipes to guarantee enhanced longevity.

5. Sturdiness and reliable usage due to optimized manufacturing and corrosion resistance.

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How Utkarsh India is adding value by manufacturing GI pipe products?

With decades of expertise in the field of water piping for agricultural and construction purposes, Utkarsh India provides premium quality GI pipe products. The product quality meets standards both nationally and internationally and has been inspected by multiple authorities, including:

1. Bureau Veritas (BVQI)

2. Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS)

3. Conformitè Europenne (CE)

4. Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

5. Technischer Ãœberwachungsverein (TUV)

When looking to acquire GI pipes, trust the best GI pipe manufacturer in India. Utkarsh India produces premium quality GI pipes sold in different sizes in terms of length and thickness. It follows the standard specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), British Standards (BS), and Indian Standards (IS). The company follows a stringent procedure to test the uniformity, adhesion, and mass of zinc. Finally, the process also includes 7-bath techniques for galvanization.

These specifications and standardizations ensure complete satisfaction to customers that rely on Utkarsh India products. When looking to acquire GI pipes, trust this manufacturer in India.

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