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Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Home Drainage Pipe Solution

drainage pipe solution

The advantage of indoor plumbing is it effortlessly flushes out the water of your home. But, that pipeline is not a one-way street and any damage in a pipe can whiplash back drain water into your home. This leads to various problems, not only unpleasant odors but also has health risks associated with that. To prevent this from happening it is important to choose the right drainage pipe for your home.

After all, no one enjoys a plumbing disaster. Being one of the leading names in the plumbing industry, Utkarsh India manufactures high-quality sewer pipes in India. We recommend PVC pipes, galvanized pipes, and SWR pipes and fittings. Read along to know how to prevent mishappening, by considering a few factors while choosing a home drainage pipes.

Be Aware Of The WaterType

The water flowing in your homes is the same that goes back in the drainage system. The water supply in many areas of our country is corrosive. The hard water contains an excess amount of minerals like magnesium or calcium which accumulates in the piping system. It hampers the flow of the water, which leads to clogging or disruption in the proper drainage of water.

Therefore, to reduce the impact of hard water on the pipe fittings, you must choose a pipe that remains unaffected by the quality of water flowing through the pipes.

Plumbing Use

The pressure of water differs on different nozzles. The pressure of water is different for the bathroom compared to the kitchen. The pipes in the washroom have curves or bending compared to kitchen pipes. This is why it is important to consider the location for which the pipe is installed this reduces the risk of clogging in the home.

Check The Quality

One of the factors that should not go unnoticed is checking the quality of the pipes. Before selecting any pipe for the drainage system look for credentials like ISO, ISI, ASTM. BAS for ensuring the quality of the pipes.

Look For Professional Plumber

While buying a pipe is in your hands, but installation is not. This is why, while considering a proper drainage system in any home, look for professionals who know how to properly fix your toilets.

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Types Of Pipes For Proper Drainage Solution

In simple terms, a drainage pipe helps in the removal of water from a particular area. Types of drainage pipes include road drainage, municipal drainage, rainwater drainage, house drainage, building, and industrial drainage.

Not all pipes solve the same problem, different pipes are installed for serving different purposes. Here are the types of pipes for proper drainage solutions.

PVC Drainage Pipes

PVC is the most viable option when it comes to water drainage. They make up almost 75% of wastewater sections. As these pies are installed with solvent cement and rubber ring, the pipes are an affordable and time-saving solution.

SWR Pipes And Fittings

SWR is the acronym for soil, waste, and rainwater solution. This helps in managing rainwater drainage and building drainage in the home. SWR pipes and fittings is mostly used for exterior water drainage.


Pipes are crucial for any home. Proper drainage reduces the risk of mold or damage to the home. We at Utkarsh, provide high-quality plastic pipes and GI pipes which are most commonly used for plumbing.

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