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Plastic Plumbing Pipes - Why Are They Better Than Metal Pipes?

When you are planning a plumbing project the first and foremost concern is choosing the material for pipes. You will come to cross both metal and plastic pipes. In the last few years, most of the projects are shifting from metal pipes to plastic pipes and the common reason is PVC pipes fittings have numerous advantages.

Plastic pipes are polymer pipes, better known as PVC, CPVC and HDPE pipes which are popular over metal pipes and there are enough reasons to support this.

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a combination of plastic polymer and vinyl. This is the most common plastic pipe which is mostly used for residential purposes. The other common plastic pipes are chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), and Polyethylene-raised temperature (PERT). These pipes are cost-efficient, durable, and safer than metal pipes.

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Advantages Of Plastic Plumbing Pipes :


Plastic pipes are a better choice for the transportation of clean drinking water. Plastic pipes have resistance to corrosion and inert bio-film protection to prevent the inhibition of the growth of bacteria. Moreover, pipe leakage accidents are not new but with plastic pipes, it is easy to mold and repair.

All plastic pipes are not perfect for the transportation of drinking water, so opt for polybutylene or CPVC. The chlorinated film resists heat and the growth of bacteria that ensures safe water reaches home.


One of the drawbacks of metal pipe is, it is heavy to carry and install. The biggest difference you can experience while shifting from metal pipes to PVC pipes fitting is it weighs ten times lighter than metal or steel pipes. Moreover, replacing metal pipes is a costly operation and requires more effort than PVC pipes.


If you are wondering will the PVC pipe fitting would be good for home, then fret not most of the PVC pipes have over 100 years of life expectancy. The plastic pipes can withstand environmental change, physical change, and weather changes. It does not succumb to corrosion like metal pipes. This is what makes them durable than metal pipes.


PVC pipes are cost-efficient than metal pipes. The metal pipes are galvanized pipes which are expensive. The cost to purchase, install, and maintain is significantly lower than any metal pipe. The HDPE pipe suppliers recommend plastic pipes for home and office, as it lowers the total cost of plumbing compared to metal pipes.

Environment Friendly

Polymer is a low-carbon plastic, which means it has fewer adverse effects on the environment. It does not produce any toxic by-products and these are recyclable. The polymer pipes are easy to melt, and they can be made into different plastic products again and again. Whereas the metal pipes are disregarded when they get damaged.


Plastic pipes are the future of plumbing, due to their irreplaceable advantages. So, if you are renovating the plumbing system ask for the finest quality Utkarsh plastic pipes from HDPE pipe suppliers and make a significant change in your home's plumbing.