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Specifications And Uses Of GI Pipes

Specifications and uses of gi pipes

GI Pipes or Galvanized Iron Pipes are widely used for the purpose of conveying raw water and distribution of treated water in many rural water supply schemes, where the requirement of water is limited.

It is dipped into zinc for protection against corrosion and they are manufactured using mild steel strips of Low Carbon Steel Coils. The steel strips are passed through a series of fin rolls to achieve a circular shape. The slit ends of the strips are then welded together by passing an electric current of high frequency across the edges. The welded steel pipes are then passed through sizing sections where any dimensional issues are corrected and are then cut into desired lengths by automatic cutting machines. Lastly, these are pressure tested for any leaks randomly.

GI pipes are categorized into light, medium and heavy. Here is how you can determine –

• Light (Class A) - Marked in yellow color for identification.

• Medium (Class B) - Marked in blue color for identification.

• Heavy (Class C) - Marked in red color for identification.

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Here are some of the top uses of GI Pipes –

• Water and Sewage transportation

• Structural purposes

• Automotive purposes

• Electric poles

• Oil and gas transmission

• Engineering purposes

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Features of GI pipes –

• Superior durability and sturdiness

• Greater resistance to corrosion

• Easy fabrication and weld consistency

• Protected by anti-rust zinc coating

• Greater bendability

What makes Utkarsh India one of the leading GI pipe manufacturers and suppliers in India?

At Utkarsh India, we have over four decades of experience in the field of agriculture and domestic water piping, we manufacture superior quality GI pipes that conforms to national and international standards and are duly approved by all National/International Inspecting & Certification Authorities like SGS, CE, DNV, BVQI, TUV and more.

Our superior quality Galvanized Iron Pipes are available in diverse sizes and thicknesses following the IS, BS and ASTM specifications and we also follow strict testing parameters of Mass of Zinc Test, Uniformity test and Adhesion test for best quality output and for customer satisfaction. We also carry out a 7 bath technique for galvanizing.

So if you are looking for superior quality GI pipes in India, then we at Utkarsh India, have got you covered.

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