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Difference Between GI And MS Pipe

difference between GI and MS Pipe

MS (Mild Steel) Pipes and GI (Galvanized Iron) Pipes are widely used all across the globe for piping and other operations. Both MS and GI pipes are made up of low carbon and zinc protected pipes, used in a variety of industries.

GI Pipes

Galvanized iron pipes are coated in a layer of zinc to protect the metal from corrosion and increase life expectancy. However, it must be noted that even with galvanization, corrosion can eventually occur if the conditions are acidic. They are available in various dimensions and their sizes vary from 15mm to 150mm. GI pipes are acclaimed because it’s lightweight, low cost, easy to transport and install as well. These pipes are generally used in rural areas for the purpose of carrying both raw and treated water.

GI pipes are a popular choice for water supply systems due to their exceptional corrosion resistance. These pipes are constructed from zinc-coated steel, making them highly resistant to rust, even when exposed to moisture and harsh environmental conditions. This corrosion resistance ensures the long-term durability and reliability of GI pipes in water supply, making them an ideal choice for transporting clean and potable water in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

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Features of Galvanized Iron pipes:

·         Higher longevity and Durability.

·         Anti-rust coating and superior finish

·         Resistant to corrosion

·         Easy to weld and fabricate

Here are the primary uses of GI pipes:

·         Water & Sewage transportation

·         Structural purposes

·         Automotive purposes

·         Engineering purposes

·         Oil & Gas transmission

·         Electric Poles 

MS Pipes

Mild Steel Pipes are carbon steel pipes that contain less than 0.25% of carbon which makes them easy to use and less hard. This ensures that the pipes stay malleable, ductile and durable. GI pipes can be welded into various shapes and sizes as per the requirement. Mild Steel pipes are generally used for Plumbing, Firefighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). These pipes are also coated with paints, varnish or other metals that protect them from corrosion and makes them long-lasting and resist critical conditions. The construction industry also relies on the usefulness of MS pipes as they can be bent and shaped.

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Features of Mild Steel pipes:

·         High tensile strength

·         Made up of low percentage of Carbon

·         Can be easily welded

·         Budget-friendly

·         Long-life 

Here are the primary uses of MS pipes:

·         General Engineering

·         Mechanical purpose

·         Structural purpose

·         Domestic purpose

·         Water steel pipes


MS and GI pipes are widely used all across the globe for pipelines and other operations. While the former is made from mild carbon steel, the latter is coated with zinc to prevent corrosion.

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GI Pipes

MS Pipes

Made from steel coated with zinc through galvanisation

Made from mild steel with no zinc coating

Highly resistant to corrosion and rust

Prone to corrosion

Less in strength due to zinc coating

Stronger and more durable

Requires more cost for manufacturing


Often used in plumbing and water supply systems where corrosion resistance is crucial

Wide range of applications, including structural framing, pipelines, industrial machinery, etc

Hard to weld as zinc coating can release toxic fumes

Easier to weld without the concerns associated with galvanisation

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