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Facts Regarding HDPE That Are Not True

Facts regarding HDPE pipes

High-density polyethene (HDPE) is a material that goes into the manufacturing of pipes that are perfect for outdoor and underground. The usage of HDPE pipes is comparatively new yet fast-growing. Consumers are replacing steel, ductile iron, and concrete pipe solutions after testing the efficiency of an HDPE pipe.


Busting Myths Related to HDPE Pipes


The following points aim to bust myths surrounding this piping material that still leaves scepticism among consumers. Once you clarify these doubts, you will be ready to purchase premium quality products from the best HDPE pipe suppliers.


1. Mechanical Joints Cannot be Buried


The primary myth concerning mechanical joints is that it does not work as good as fused joints when underground. However, the truth is, mechanical joints used for HDPE pipes are designed after considering buried services to make it sustainable for the underground environment. Mechanical joints are constructed with durable ductile iron housings and the hardware is coated with a fluoropolymer. The couplings remain non-destructive under a tough underground environment. Moreover, if there is additional protection required as per the property owner or engineer’s suggestion, additional coating can be provided.


2. Fusing Makes Joints Stronger


For decades, fusion has been a common approach to retain strength and durability. However, records state that weather conditions, temperature, and other relative environmental changes can impact this. If you appoint technicians to follow up on its progress meticulously, you will have a continuous inspection strategy. However, this method is costly due to such professional expertise. To eliminate the need to have a team of professionals monitor the fusion constantly, one must choose an effective alternative. HDPE pipes manufactured by Utkarsh India exceed pressure ratings, bend radius, and the tensile load of fused joints. Enabling it to be pulled, pushed, and dragged like a fusion solution.

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3. Cut a Groove is a Disadvantage

Many customers enquire HDPE pipe manufacturers if cutting a groove is a disadvantage and weakens pipe efficiency. Utkarsh India ensures that every pipe size has customized grooving tools to control them. Joints are designed to fill the groove with keys on the coupling’s metal housing. An iron ring helps lock the reduced wall thickness to keep it intact. Thus, it adds strength, which is completely reverse to this myth.


4. Fusing is Quicker


While many consumers have been following fusing for years, they can't help but admit that it is time-consuming. From weather conditions to terrain instability, multiple reasons make fusing challenging, time-consuming, and labour intensive.HDPE pipes are much more efficient to use, quick to install, and comparatively cheaper in terms of labour cost. Moreover, it is not affected due to changes in the weather, tight spaces, and challenging terrains.


5. Mechanical Solutions are Costly


HDPE pipes by Utkarsh India does not require high acquisition cost or maintenance. Mechanical tools are quicker to join and easy to install. These projects require much less labour cost or manhours.

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Final thoughts

Utkarsh India is leading the way to amplify the usage of HDPE pipes because it is durable, convenient, cheaper, and sustainable. As you are now clear about the misconceptions and know more about the efficiency, you can rely on the best HDPE pipe products.

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