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Jal Minar - Water Towers
Jal Minar - Water Towers

Jal Minar - Water Towers

Jal Minar, also known as water towers, are structures built for proper water storage and supply. Utkarsh India is an industry-leading overhead water tank manufacturer, providing durable structures meticulously designed with superior-quality raw materials for rust-free performance. 

Offering galvanised steel Jal Minars for 5000-litre and 2000-litre and non-galvanised steel Jal Minars for 10000-litre, our structures possess outstanding corrosion-resistant and durable properties.


Conforming to IS 4923, IS 2062, IS 1367, IS 802, IS 808

PHED approved design 

Certified to ISO 14001: 2015, OHSAS 18001:2007

Areas of Application Jal Minar - Water Towers

  1. Community water supply: Water towers play a pivotal role in supplying potable water to rural communities. These communities store water from wells, boreholes, and local water sources to distribute water to households for drinking, cooking, and sanitation.
  2. Agricultural irrigation: A water tower is typically used in farming and irrigation systems to water crops, reducing the reliability of farming on rainfall. In rural agricultural fields, water towers are crucial for irrigation purposes it help farmers access water during drought-prone times.
  3. Industrial use:Water structures act as reservoirs for industries. They often need large volumes of water for manufacturing and cooling purposes, which can be met with the help of Jal Minars.
  4. Municipal water supply: Jal Minar is commonly used in urban areas to distribute water to homes, businesses, and public facilities. It helps to maintain a consistent water supply during peak demand periods.

Why Utkarsh Jal - Minar?
  • 1100+ Crore Reputed steel structure company
  • Manufacturing Capacity of 1000+ Water Tank Structures per month
  • Ready stock available for reasonable prices and fast delivery
  • Raw material purchases from main sources of the industry
  • High reputation in government and private sectors
  • Fabrication capacity over 1 lakh MT


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