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Jal Minar - Water Towers
Jal Minar - Water Towers

Jal Minar - Water Towers

Utkarsh manufactures Jal Minar - Water Tank structures made of galvanised steel to keep your water tanks at height using strong, rust-free steel structures. Manufactured from high-quality raw materials, our steel structures last longer offering you the right value for money. Utkarsh manufactures 5000 & 2000 litre structure which are galvanized, but 10000 litre structure is non-galvanized.

Why Utkarsh Jal - Minar?
  • 1100+ Crore Reputed steel structure company
  • Manufacturing Capacity of 1000+ Water Tank Structures per month
  • Ready stock available for reasonable prices and fast delivery
  • Raw material purchases from main sources of the industry
  • High reputation in government and private sectors
  • Fabrication capacity over 1 lakh MT


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