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Why W Beam Crash Barriers Are Important Part Of Safe Road Network?

Why W Beam Crash Barriers Are Important Part Of Safe Road Network

The surge in vehicular road traffic and the increase in the speed limit on the highways has led to imposing stronger infrastructure on road for a safe road network. Barriers help in diverting oncoming traffic and prohibit the entry of the vehicle into a specific dangerous area.

The W beam crash barriers are installed on highways, bridges, and on blind turns to guide the traffic in the right path. The crash barrier ensures there is minimum damage to the vehicle and its occupants.

What is a W beam Crash Barrier?

A W-beam crash barrier is semi-rigid protection that prevents vehicles from hazardous zones. These barriers have a double wave design which consists of a steel pole and 3mm W beam rail element.

The metal crash barrier or W Beam crash barriers are manufactured according to the guidelines set out by MORTH and AASHTO. In Utkarsh India, we manufacture all sections of the barrier in cold rolled form with raw material confirming to IS 5986/2062/10748 or equivalent of grade Fe360/Fe410/Fe510.

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Functions Of W Beam Crash Barrier

The W beam crash barrier is a type of semi-rigid crash barrier which has the capacity of absorbing the shock from the vehicles without getting deformed.

1. Absorbs Impact: The W beam crash barrier has either two or three rails that absorb the impact when the vehicle crash with high energy. During a crash, the barrier flattens out laterally to restrain the vehicle from rolling over the bridge.

2. Visual Guideline: The crash barriers are marked with fluorescent paint, so even in pitch dark or poor weather conditions drivers can see the marking of the crash barrier. At Utkarsh India, we have a color coating option available, to make the crash barriers safe for every situation.

3. Slows Down The Vehicle: When a vehicle crash with high impact to the W beam crash barrier, the impact energy of the collision is reduced to the maximum possible extent. This happens due to the friction between the W Beam crash barrier and the vehicle. This slows down the vehicle, preventing it from skidding back into the pathway.

4. Enhances Safety On-Road: These crash barriers protect the traveler from hazards such as steep slopes, blind turns, which have the possibility of collision or rollover crashes. W beam crash barriers are either installed on highways to protect the vehicle from falling into the abyss.

How Utkarsh India's W Beam Crash Barrier is the Force behind Road Safety?

The Crash barrier is an important aspect of road safety, so it must be of superior quality. Utkarsh India manufactures the crash barrier with components that confirms Indian and international standard. Our source material is imported from reputed companies like TATA, SAIL, Hindustan Zinc.

The W beam metal crash barriers are manufactured by the hot-dip galvanization process and our stringent quality control system ensures the best is provided to the consumer. With a high-quality W beam crash barrier, we are helping to strengthen the road safety network in India.

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