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What Is The Role Of The Thrie Beam Crash Barrier?

There is a recent upsurge in vehicular traffic and road accidents. With more vehicles on rampant speeds on road, there is a growing need for appropriate infrastructure. Crash barriers in a road and transport plan helps to keep the vehicle on the right path and maintain street security. One of the common types of crash barriers installed in bridges are thrie barriers to ensure safe and convenient transportation from one place to another. 

To increase the road safety of people and to provide a secure driving experience, crash barriers are installed to withstand the impact of vehicles of certain weights at a certain angle while traveling at the specified speed.

At Utkarsh India we prioritize strength and durability, that’s why our thrie beam crash barriers are designed from robust steel and meet MORTH and IRC specifications. With a 3mm 'Thrie' Beam rail component and sturdy posts, they offer superior protection, galvanized to 550gsm/sq.m for corrosion resistance. Their elevated mounting position enhances shock endurance, making them ideal for median separators, hilly roads, and bridges, ensuring reliable road safety.

What Is The Thrie Beam Crash Barrier?

The Thrie beam crash barriers are installed on roads to protect errand cars from crashing off the road. It has a three-wave cross-sectional design to increase the strength and durability of the crash barrier. The three-beam cross-sectional is better than the two-wave design for high-risk, accident-prone areas. 

Features Of Thrie Beam Crash Barriers

● Strong And Robust Design :

The guardrail is manufactured of steel with a 3mm thick 'Thrie' Beam rail component. Each post has a bare thickness of 2.8/2.67/3.0mm, while the rail sits at 85cm off the ground. The width of the W-beam is 311m. The plan additionally meets MORTH and IRC determinations. 

● Hot Dip Galvanised Steel :

Hot-dip galvanization is a form of galvanization in which the iron is coated with steel and zinc by dipping the base metal into molten zinc at a temperature of around 450degree Celcius. This prevents the beam rails from corrosion and makes them long-lasting. In Utkarsh India the thrie beam barriers are hot-dip galvanized to 550gsm/sq.m.

● It Has A Higher Mounting Position :

The thrie beam crash barriers have a higher mounting position of the rails that helps in increasing the shock endurance from larger vehicles. This makes it an ideal choice for separators on median locations and on the verge of hilly roads or bridges.

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Advantages Of Thrie Beam Crash Barrier

● Safety :

The crash barriers are mostly installed on the roadside where there is a high risk of danger or where the car is at high speed to keep the car in the right path and ensure safety.

● High Strength :

The anti-corrosion material of the thrie beam is made of IS 5986/2062/10748 or equivalent grade of Fe360/Fe410/Fe510, it is high with strength and toughness.

● Eco-Friendly :

The material of the guardrail is recyclable and reusable. The broken guardrail can be recycled and made into other products.

● Easy To Install :

Thrie beam is just about bots and nuts assembly which makes it easy to install. This reduces installation time and money. The thrie beam crash barriers are approved by and satisfy all requirements specified by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH), & National Highways Authorities of India (NHAI).


Imparting awareness about road safety and installation of such crash barriers have significantly reduced accident rates in India and have increased survival rates and Utkarsh India is helping in road safety with the W-beam Crash barrier. It is the invisible force behind "India's Road Safety".
Utkarsh India manufactures all major types of crash barriers, which include W-Beam Crash Barriers, Thrie Beam Crash Barriers, and associated components. 

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