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What Are The Different Applications And Benefits of UPVC Pipes and Fittings?

Different Applications And Benefits of UPVC Pipes and Fittings

The term UPVC stands for Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride which shows strong resistance to chemicals and harmful elements of nature. UPVC pipelines are ideal for solving the plumbing needs of commercial and residential properties.

As metal pipes react with several elements of nature, these are not suitable for plumbing applications. These pipes are prone to rust and corrosion. That is why; the supplied water remains safe from impurities wherever a UPVC pipeline system is installed.

Seamless the flow of clean and safe water is a necessity irrespective of the region and the type of properties. The industry has been experimenting with different materials to find the most suitable raw material that ensures a safe water supply.

The invention of UPVC pipes has revolutionized the plumbing industry bringing solutions to several issues associated with metal pipelines. Let us explore UPVC pipe’s various applications and benefits to understand the immense significance it carries across the plumbing industry.

Applications of UPVC pipelines:

·        UPVC pipes are used to fulfill plumbing needs across water supply systems. Besides, these are used for Tubework casting and manufacturing raising mains for hand pumps as well.

·        In chemical industries, it is used for transporting chloride and other chemicals.

·        UPVC is used as ventilation pipes for disposing of corrosive gases from washrooms.

·        In the electric industry, UPVC is used for manufacturing electrical conduits.

·        For agricultural purposes, it has extensive use in irrigation.

·        The crude oil pipeline is made of UPVC as well as it prevents corrosion within the pipeline.  

·        The sewer system is manufactured out of UPVC pipes too.

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Benefits of UPVC pipelines:

·        As a material, UPVCs are very lightweight. Hence, a low amount of shipping and labor charges are required to transport.

·        UPVC pipes are budget-friendly and can be installed following a hassle-free process.

·        These pipes have anti-corrosion properties which resist chemicals to react with the material. As a result, the water or gas remains unchanged inside the pipeline.

·        Due to low thermal conductivity, UPVCs are highly energy efficient. It has flame retardant properties that do not support combustion.

·        UPVC pipes are UV resistant, hence can be easily installed outside the building without worrying about the outcomes.

·        They are completely eco-friendly and can function both in extreme cold and hot temperatures.

·        Being antimicrobial, these are completely safe to carry drinking water as well.

UPVC pipes come with multiple benefits in various applications. They are not only cost-effective but also last longer than any other pipeline materials. These pipes neither need high maintenance nor require a complicated installation process. As UPVC pipelines come with a package of benefits across different application areas, these are preferred by industry professionals worldwide.

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