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What Are The Different Agricultural Pipes Used For Water Supply?

India's economy largely depends on the agricultural sector and its allied industries. In agricultural fields, the crop yield depends on irrigation. To keep water transportation smooth in the fields for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and cereals, pipes play a crucial part. The popular pipes used for agricultural uses are agricultural PVC pipes, UPVC pipes, HDPE sprinkler pipes, and column riser pipes.

These pipes have a wide range of benefits, it resists corrosion, weigh a fraction of metal pipes, and are durable. Today we will discuss each of the pipes which are commonly used for agricultural purposes, so you can pick the one that fits your needs.

The Types Of Material In Irrigation Pipes Are

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipes :

Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes have robust built which can withstand strong pressure flow from the pipes. These pipe casings are used for agricultural pipes and fittings to pull out water from the borewells. These pipes are not resistant to UV rays, which is why PVC is mostly buried inside the ground.

HDPE Pipes :

HDPE Pipes are known for their lighter weight, flexibility, and reliability and come with unmatched corrosion and chemical resistance. These pipes are commonly installed in the fields for free flow line irrigation, sprinkle irrigation, drip irrigation. Apart from irrigation, these pipes are also known for their usage in pesticide spraying systems and connecting water mains to the crop fields.

Column Riser Pipes :

Column Riser Pipes popularly known as Column Pipes are long tubes of various diameters commonly used for water lifting and connected to a submersible pump for agricultural irrigation. The prime features of Column Pipes are that they are durable, lightweight, and their interior is designed to be smooth to avoid the accumulation of residue and ensure the free flow of water.

Why Are Agricultural PVC Pipes Perfect For Irrigation Applications?

•     Lightweight: The PVC pipes weigh the fraction of metal pipes. Hence, these are easy to transport and install. This reduces the time and energy for installation.

•     Durable: PVC pipes are durable, it has a longer life span than metal pipes which makes them n deal choice for agricultural pipes and fittings. If maintained the PVC pipes can last more than 50 years.

•     Cost-effective: Compared to metal pipes, these are significantly cheaper. From a farming perspective, it is quite economical.

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To sum it up, agriculture depends on a good water supply. A good irrigation system ensures a good yield. Utkarsh pipes are most favored for irrigation systems in India by agriculturists for their highly efficient and low-maintenance pipes.

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