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What Are The Advantages Of UPVC Pipe?

When it comes to choosing a pipe for domestic, commercial, or industrial purposes, plastic pipes are known for durability. The plastic pipes which are commonly used for industrial and residential purposes are PVC, HDPE, UPVC, and CPVC pipes. Out of them, today we will discuss the advantages of u-PVC pipes to understand why it is preferred over PVC and CPVC pipes.

What are UPVC pipes?

U-PVC pipes stand for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride pipes. These pipes are enormously used in buildings, for the supply of potable water. As the pipes do not contain BPA or phthalates, it is sturdier than PVC pipes. These pipes are not only used in bathroom and kitchen sinks, these are also used in industries for fulfilling the supply and demand of industrial effluents.

Advantages of uPVC Pipes


If you have ever seen someone living with leaky pipes, you would know how difficult it is to stay in moist or wet spaces. This is why choosing a pipe that has better durability is important in long run. uPVC pipes and fittings have higher tensile and impact strength that enhances their durability making them a long-lasting solution for all plumbing needs.


These pipes are BFA free as mentioned above, which makes them completely safe for transporting drinking water. Needless to say, these pipes are safe to use in the health and hospitability business as these pipes do not carry contaminated water.

At Utkarsh India, we have uFLO-"Lead-free" UV resistant UPVC pipes that do not contaminate the liquid flowing from the pipes. This ensures fluids like industry effluents or water do not get contaminated when flowing through the pipes and ensure your water do not contain carcegonic compound like Lead.

Non-combustible, Better Fire-safety

When it comes to thinking about fire hazards, plumbing is the last thing one considers. Albeit plumbing does not help in initiating a fire, however, fires can start during maintenance or installation of new pipes, when plumbers perform soldering work. To avoid unwanted fire breakout, UPVC is the right fit for the home. It is a self-extinguishing material, it does not promote fire.


The UPVC pipes are available in a range of sizes, this reduces the number of joints in the pipes, hence reducing the risk of leakage in the pipes. Furthermore, the pipes are joint with solvent instead of soldering or metalwork that keeps the risk of leak to a minimum.

These pipes do not shrink or break due to hot water or cold water. The pipes can withstand up to 93 degrees which makes them suitable for both hot and cold water.

Easy To Install

These pipes can be easily installed with a few simple steps. With the help of solvent and cementing, the pipes are chemically fused. When the pipes coalesce together, it forms a strong bond that enhances the strength and durability of the pipe. In addition to that, the pipes are light in weight and do not require any electricity during installation, which is helpful for areas with no electricity connections.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Changing or repairing a pipe, again and again, is not one dream of while choosing a pipe. This is what, Utkarsh India thrives by, to provide a pipe that does not need maintenance in years. UPVC pipes are resistant to chemicals or rusting, it does not break or leak. It can withstand the change in temperature, which makes it hassle-free to maintain. Furthermore, these pipes are not prone to scaling, this means they do not require frequent cleaning making them easier to maintain.

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UPVC pipes are the new piping material that makes plumbing easy to maintain. Utkarsh India Limited's UPVC pipes are available in sizes of 1/21⁄2 to 2", as per ASTM D 1785 Schedule 40 and 80.

Incorporate uPVC pipes and fittings in residential plumbing, swimming pools, industrial process lines, saltwater lines, and chemical sector with Utkarsh India limited.

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