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What are telecom towers and their significance in modern communication?

what are telecom towers

Telecom towers have become indispensable modern infrastructures, ensuring proper connectivity and communication. They are present across urban and rural centres, enabling people to wirelessly communicate with each other over vast distances. Here, we share some of the useful insights into the significance of telecom towers in modern society.


What are telecom towers?


Telecom towers or mobile towers are tall structures that are fitted with large antennas and other electrical equipment to facilitate wireless communication. They are capable of transmitting and receiving a wide range of signals necessary for the smooth operation of several communication networks. For instance, cellular networks, radio, television and broadband internet all rely on telecom towers.


Significance in modern communication


-        Network coverage and connectivity


Telecom towers are essential parts of the connectivity and network coverage in urban and rural regions. Telecom companies use strategic positioning of these towers to ensure maximum coverage of geographic areas. The areas under this vast coverage would then be able to take advantage of wireless communication services, such as voice calls and internet connectivity. Such towers are essential to bridge the gap between urban and rural regions by bringing different modes of communication inside of the homes of all, regardless of their location.


-        Data transfer and internet access


Data transfer has become the need of the hour and a robust internet network is essential to achieve large scale transfers. Sending emails, conducting online transactions and learning by watching online videos are important factors that can help the development of a nation. It is also an extremely important need for small businesses to scale up and become bigger brands. With the power of internet connectivity, these businesses can prosper and offer their services or products online to a bigger pool of consumers. 


-        Mobile communication


Telecom towers are responsible for making mobile communication possible. These towers allow smartphones and other mobile phones to receive and send the signals, facilitating hassle-free and real-time communication. Because of the presence of these towers, people can place calls, send text messages and receive calls from others. Without a network of telecom towers, this mode of communication would not have been possible.


-        Emergency services and public safety


Without telecom towers in place, it would have been incredibly tricky to communicate during emergencies or disasters. At such a time, it is crucial to keep people informed about the ongoing updates, which can directly affect their safety and security. Telecom towers are equipped with the ability to handle significant call volumes, making such emergency communication possible. This allows governments or disaster relief agencies to send a widespread communication informing residents regarding the steps to take. 


-        Economic growth and development


Access to reliable communication networks has a direct impact on economic growth and development. Besides their immense role in enabling businesses to grow, these towers also offer additional employment to technicians. These technicians are often tasked with the installation, maintenance and operation of telecom towers. The technicians can then contribute to the local economy and help with development.


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