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Water Tank Structure What Is The Purpose and So Much More

Water Tank Structure What Is The Purpose and So Much More

You have access to fresh, pressurized water just by turning on your kitchen faucet, turning on your shower, or flushing the toilet. Have you ever wondered how? The reason is that the elevated water tank structure results in increased water pressure as the water is forced out of the storage tank.

You have nothing to worry about if you are confused by the above statement.

The purpose of this blog is to cover the meaning, components, working principles and purpose of Water tank Structures.

Let's get started right away.

What is a water tank structure?

It consists of a container or a mini reservoir that can collect a measured quantity of water to be accessed at a later time and then be stored for subsequent use.

Water collected in the tank is utilized by both residential and commercial consumers, as well as large-scale industrial and municipal enterprises. Furthermore, they are required to store water to meet the building's firefighting requirements.

Depending on the application and daily water demand, they can come in an array of shapes, sizes, specifications, and configurations and are used for a wide range of purposes in the water treatment industry.

The best water tank structures are typically equipped with UV inhibitors, preventing sunlight from facilitating the growth of bacteria and algae. What are the components of a water tank structure?

• Manholes – A sufficient number of manholes should be available for repair and access. Manholes should be constructed of corrosion-resistant materials (e.g., cast iron, reinforced concrete, steel fibre reinforced concrete, galvanized steel, high-density polyethene, fibreglass-reinforced plastic, etc) approved by the authority. They must be equipped with locking mechanisms to prevent misuse and tampering.

• Ladders – Tanks with a depth exceeding 900 mm shall be equipped with corrosion-resistant ladders to permit access to the bottom.

• Overflow pipe — Each tank shall have a pipe terminating above ground level to function as an overflow warning pipe. Normally the overflow pipe size shall be one size higher than the inlet pipe. A large inlet pipe may require two or more overflow pipes of the equivalent cross-section.

• Vent pipes – Tanks more than 5000 litres in capacity must be fitted with vent pipes to prevent pressure buildup in the tank.

• Connection of overflow and scour pipe – Tank overflow and scour pipes should never be connected to any drain, gully trap, or manhole to avoid backflow and contamination. Overflow and vent pipes must be fitted with a brass grating that is mosquito-proof to prevent the entry of vermin, and other insects. How does a water tank structure work?

High-pressure motor pumps provide water from the well or another water source into the tank. Water accumulates in the tank until it is full. The water storage tank provides you with immediate access to water whenever you need it, whether it is to fill a glass up with crystal clear water, take a bath, or irrigate a field. It is because the water tank structure holds clean water from the reverse osmosis system until water demand is initiated inside the house or business. What is the purpose of a water tank structure?

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A water tank structure is elevated high enough to generate water pressure, whether it is in the plains or highlands. This is because gravity alone can trigger water pressure with the same efficiency as large water booster pumps, so you do not need to finance massive and expensive water pumps or their fuel to power them.

A water tank structure is used in many applications, including household water storage, commercial food and beverage preparation, agriculture and irrigation, fire suppression, and industrial manufacturing for a stable water supply.


We at Utkarsh India manufacture galvanized water tank structures made of high-quality steel. The zinc coating makes these structures durable, rust-resistant, and long-lasting.

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