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Utkarsh Pipes Launches It’s New Product Line, Utkarsh Water Tanks, With Engaging Promotion Video

Utkarsh water tanks


In today's fast-paced world, innovation and convenience play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Utkarsh India, a leading manufacturer of PVC pipes and fittings, is once again at the forefront of delivering both innovation and convenience to its customers. Utkarsh India continues to demonstrate its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction as the brand launched its premium  Water Tanks. Utkarsh India unveiled three groundbreaking new additions to their lineup with an engaging new campaign video.

Imagine a scenario where an Ojha, known for his ability to diagnose household problems, stumbles upon a water-related critical situation! The scenario unfolds in a humorous and relatable manner, showcasing the daily struggles that homeowners often face with water storage. This engaging storyline serves as the perfect backdrop for introducing Utkarsh India's new water tanks

 The video cleverly conveys the message that Utkarsh water tanks, represented by the Ujjal, U-safe, and U-safe plus variants, are the ultimate solution to these water-related household challenges. Just as Utkarsh's PVC pipes and fittings have been trusted for their quality, reliability, and safety, the water tanks promise the same attributes. From leakage prevention to robust durability, these tanks are designed to seamlessly integrate into the lives of consumers, elevating their water storage experience.

Introducing Utkarsh Water Tanks 

Utkarsh's water tanks, namely Ujjal, U-safe, and U-safe Plus- have been engineered with meticulous attention to detail:

1.  Premium Material Quality: Crafted from 100% virgin and food-grade materials, Utkarsh water tanks ensure water purity while also complying with the highest safety standards.

2.  Built to Last: High strength and durability are the hallmarks of Utkarsh water tanks, designed to stand the test of time even in challenging environments.

3.  Innovative Design: The six-shoulder design not only enhances aesthetics but also provides superior compressive strength, making Utkarsh water tanks a reliable choice for all your water storage needs.

4.  Sunshield Technology: With 100% UV protection, these tanks are built to withstand the harsh rays of the sun, ensuring their longevity.

5.  Hygiene Champions: Utkarsh water tanks are equipped with anti-fungus, anti-microbacterial, and anti-algae properties, maintaining water purity and quality.

6.  Corrosion and Odor Resistance: These tanks are built to resist corrosion, ensuring the stored water remains safe and untainted. Additionally, they are designed to be odor-free, providing a delightful user experience.



Leading the Wave of Innovation 

Mr. Utkarsh Bansal, Director of Utkarsh India, expressed his enthusiasm for these groundbreaking initiatives, stating, "We are pleased to launch our water tank range with Ujjal, U-safe, and U-safe Plus. Our tank range comes with the promise of unmatched quality, reliability, and safety just like our range of plastic pipes and fittings. We are thankful to our customers and channel partners for appreciating our new offering and we hope to make this product a category leader with their support.".


U Are Our Commitment 


Utkarsh India's launch of the water tanks demonstrate their unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and partnership.  ‘Utkarsh’, or excellence, is more than just a name; it is the passion that powers everything the brand stands for:

In every product and service, their commitment is to deliver the highest quality to the customer

Utkarsh’s solutions are customized to best serve specific requirements, and to meet global standards of quality because the philosophy of ‘customer is king’ is the very foundation of the business. Which is why, one can always count on them to provide exactly what they need, on time, every time

After all, Utkarsh always begins with U.

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