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Uses And Advantages of HDPE Pipes

uses and advantages of HDPE Pipes

High-density polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer which is produced from the monomer ethylene. The high-density polyethylene pipe market is growing rapidly in India. As per many trusted reports, the HDPE pipe industry in India was at $99.9 million in 2018 and it is estimated to reach a staggering $233.5 million by 2026. 

HDPE pipes are known for their high tensile strength, flexibility, durability and lightweight. These pipes have been used for municipal and industrial water applications for several years. The fact that HDPE pipes are environment friendly makes it even more favourable. These pipes are non-toxic, chemical and corrosion resistant, and ensure a long lifespan. The best quality HDPE pipes from top HDPEpipe manufacturers and suppliers ensure zero leak rate.

Here are some of the properties of HDPE pipes - 

·        HDPE pipes can resist many solvents, chemicals, and acidic environments

·        HDPE pipes have high strength and flexibility and are much lighter in weight.

·        These pipes are resistant to impact and that is what makes it a favourable choice for large industrial projects.

·        Superior quality HDPE pipes from leading HDPE pipe manufacturers have a long life span of 50-100 years

What makes HDPE Pipes better for Agriculture and Irrigation Application?

Advantages of HDPE pipes –

·        Easy to handle and hassle-free to install – HDPEare easy to handle and install. Its density is way lesser than steel and does not demand any heavy lifting equipment during the time of installation. As these pipes are flexible, they can be bent easily.

·        Minimized installation costs – These pipes require fewer fittings and can be welded into seamless leak-free pipe runs. This reduces the expense of labour and installation.

·        Corrosion and chemical resistance – One of the finest quality of HDPE pipes is that it features chemical and corrosion resistance. It offers brilliant corrosion resistance to corrosive, acids, bases and salts and remains unaffected by fungi and bacteria.

·        Heat-fused joints - HDPE pipes are heat fused to form a strong joint. This offers significant installation advantages when compared to traditional pipes.


At Utkarsh India, we are one of the leading HDPE pipe manufacturers and suppliers in the country. Our HDPE pipes have been tested and proven effective for aboveground, surface, buried and floating applications. Our HDPE pipes are popularly known for their applications in water supply, potable water distribution, sewage transportation, sprinkler irrigation systems and so on.

What makes our HDPE pipes an ideal solution are the standards that we maintain at Utkarsh India. 

·        IS 4984 - 2016 for Water Supply

·        IS 4427 for Potable Water

·        IS 14333 for Sewerage

·        EN 12201 for Water Supply

·        IS:14151 (Part I & II) for sprinkler irrigation systems

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