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Useful insights on wireless telecommunications by a telecom tower manufacturer

Radio, television broadcasting, mobile phone communication, global position systems (GPS) and WiFi are all examples of wireless telecommunications. Wireless technology enables voice and data transmission without wires. From telegraph to Wi-Fi, wireless telecommunications technology has come a long way. As a leading telecom tower manufacturer, we share with you some useful insights on wireless telecommunications: 

The first wireless conversation took place in 1880: Much before the invention of transmitter and telegraph, the first wireless telephone conversation took place in 1880 between Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter who together invented the photophone, a telephone that sent audio over a beam of light.

  1. A radio transmitter used the Morse code: The first wireless transmitters used the Morse Code or other coded signals to communicate. Later, it became possible to transmit voices and music via wireless. Around the 1920s, the word ‘radio’ replaced the term wireless telegraphy.
  2. Modern wireless technology is concerned with data transmission: Modern wireless technology enables data to be communicated over distances without the need for a physical wire.
  3. Types of wireless networks: There are multiple types of wireless networks that are used for communication. Here are the different types of wireless networks:
    • Metropolitan wireless network (MWN): It is a network that covers a bigger area than a single building local area network (LAN).  Located in a single geographic area, it is smaller than a wide area network (WAN). It provides access to users across a given geography.
    • Wireless local area network (WLAN). A WLAN links devices in a particular local area such as home, school, computer laboratory, campus or office building.
    • Wireless personal area network (WPAN): A WPAN links devices over short range. For instance, it connects phones to bluetooth and connects devices such as keyboards, mouse and headphones to a laptop.
    • Wireless wide area network (WWAN). It uses mobile telecommunication cellular network technologies to transfer data.
  4. Types of cellular networks: There are several types of cellular networks used to enable data and voice communications with smartphones. The two primary types are: GSM and CDMA. The primary difference between the two is GSM supports transmitting data and voice both at once, but CDMA doesn’t. Also, in GSM, the customer information is put on a SIM card which can be moved to a new mobile device. Whereas only mobile phones from a set of companies can be used with a CDMA network.
  5. Difference between Wi-Fi and wireless telecommunication technology:  Wi-Fi is a sub-category of wireless technology.

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