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Useful insights on Utkarsh Water Tank

useful insights on utkarsh water tank

Water tanks are found commonly across homes and industries. They are used to store portable water for usage later. They are also essential in the field of agriculture when it comes to watering the crops. With such important uses, these tanks need to be sturdy and incredibly dependable. As one of the leading water tank manufacturers in India, this is exactly what we strive to provide in our tanks. Here is a look at some of the useful insights into our tanks.


Features and benefits of Utkarsh Water Tanks



1. Food grade material


All of our tanks are made from food grade materials. These materials ensure that no harmful chemicals or other toxic substances leach into the tank’s water. This protection means you can easily drink from the tank without fear of contaminants. The use of food grade materials ensure the overall safety for people who rely on the tank water for cooking and general consumption.


2. Strength and durability


As we said before, our tanks are made in a way that they hold their shape and integrity for a significant period of time. The enhanced durability of the tanks minimise the risk of leaks, cracks, or failures. It also means the tanks are capable of withstanding sudden impacts or the effect of general wear and tear. The sturdiness of these tanks ensure minimal maintenance or repairs. Also, users will have peace of mind knowing their water storage will not be compromised suddenly.


3. Anti-fungus, anti micro-bacterial and anti-algae properties


Anti-fungus, anti-microbial and anti-algae properties in our water tanks ensure that harmful organisms cannot grow on the inside, keeping the water uncontaminated. Because of such features, regardless of the situation, the water inside these tanks will always remain safe for consumption.


4. UV protection


Users can easily keep our water tanks out in the open without fear of degradation. With enhanced UV protection, these tanks can effectively stop decay caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Tanks without this added protection are often subject to degradation, which can lead to cracks and leaks. So, the UV protection makes our tanks longer lasting, while also ensuring minimal maintenance and repairs.


5. Corrosion resistance


Corrosion can compromise structural integrity, leading to leaks and contamination. Plastic's inherent corrosion resistance ensures the tank remains impervious to rust, decay, and degradation, preserving water quality and preventing potential health risks. This property is especially crucial in harsh environments or when storing chemically treated water. A corrosion-resistant water tank guarantees reliable, long-lasting water storage and underscores the importance of maintaining water purity for various domestic, industrial, and agricultural applications.


6. Threaded lid to prevent contamination


Each of our tanks come with a threaded lid. This keeps the tank secure and airtight, preventing contaminants from penetrating into the space. Insects, small animals and dust particles remain outside, while the water inside maintains its purity, enabling consumption. The threaded lid also simplifies maintenance and cleaning procedures.



Looking for high-quality water tanks?


Explore Utkarsh Water Tanks. Our product range includes various options to suit your needs. The "Ujjal" variant is a 3-layer tank with antimicrobial protection, available in capacities of 500, 750, and 1000 litres, and comes in colours such as Aqua Green, True Blue, and Brilliant White. We also offer the "U-Safe" and "U-Safe Plus" variants, which are 4-layer tanks with and without insulated foam, respectively, also featuring antimicrobial protection.

In terms of dimensions, our 500-litre tank has an outside diameter of 893 mm, an overall height of 990 mm, and a manhole diameter of 405 mm. The 750-litre variant measures 1004 mm in outside diameter, 1070 mm in overall height, and has a 400 mm manhole. Our 1000-litre tank has an outside diameter of 1132 mm, an overall height of 1215 mm, and a manhole diameter of 410 mm. We've thought of every detail to ensure that our tanks meet your water storage needs effectively and efficiently.

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