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Useful insights on Utkarsh India’s SWR pipes and fittings

Useful insights on Utkarsh India’s SWR pipes and fittings

Soil, waste and rainwater (SWR) pipes and fittings are specifically designed to carry rainwater and wastewater away from buildings. These systems help in managing the drainage efficiently, preventing water accumulation and potential damage to building structures.


Utkarsh India SWR pipes help transport the wastewater with utmost efficiency. They have a wide range of features, such as chemical resistance and superior strength, which helps in the proper disposal of wastewater from buildings.


Here, we share some of the useful insights into our SWR pipes and SWR fittings.



1. Features


  • They are UV resistant, which makes them suited for outdoor applications.
  • The SWR pipes and fittings have a self-extinguishing feature, which can help minimise the damage when a fire breaks out.
  • Their chemical resistance means that the pipes and fittings are highly suited to a diverse range of applications and installation in harsh environments.
  • The durability of the SWR pipes and fittings ensures that they offer reliable and long lasting performance.
  • Highly user-friendly design, which ensures minimal difficulty during installation.
  • Our SWR pipes and fittings are resistant to corrosion and rust, which helps to extend their overall longevity.
  • Due to our precision engineering techniques, there is no risk of leakage even in the joints.
  • Every pipe and fitting undergoes an extensive quality check process, which ensures that the quality remains consistent throughout.



2. Areas of application:


Our SWR fittings and pipes are suitable for use in various areas. Here are some of them -


        - Houses and apartments:

SWR systems are essential in homes, where they help to drain rainwater, wastewater and soil. They ensure that hygiene is maintained within the residence.


         - Commercial buildings:

They are used in maintaining the overall drainage efficiency in commercial buildings or complexes, such as offices, shopping malls and others.


        - Industrial facilities:

They can drain wastewater efficiently and ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for workers.


          - Educational institutions:

They are also used in schools, colleges and other educational institutions.


        - Healthcare facilities:

Hospitals need to be hygienic and clean. That is why SWR pipes and fittings are essential to maintain waste and drainage.



3. Testing:


The following are some of the tests that Utkarsh India SWR pipes and fittings undergo for quality checking -


  • Reversion test
  • Stress relief test
  • Effect on sunlight
  • Resistance to sulphuric acid



4. Available types:


  • Type A (75 mm to 160 mm) for ventilation and rainwater systems
  • Type B (75 mm to 315 mm) for soil and waste discharge



5. Identification colour:


  • Steel Grey for general identification
  • Type-A Printing in blue colour
  • Type-B Printing in white colour



Explore our SWR pipes and fittings. Our fittings range includes various products, including socket plug, plain yee, reducer, coupler, door tee and more.

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