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Useful insights on Utkarsh high mast poles

useful insights on utkarsh high mast poles

High mast poles, typically made of steel, have multiple uses and are commonly used across various industries. There are several types of high mast poles that serve different purposes. Street lighting masts, for instance, are commonly installed in high roads, road junctions, and transport depots to provide area lighting. Stadium masts are used in sports fields, stadiums, and playgrounds to ensure adequate lighting. Signage masts, on the other hand, hold signage for retail stores and commercial establishments. Solar masts use solar energy to provide lighting in an area. High mast lighting poles are a specific type of pole that has a light fixture attached at the top and is used to illuminate large areas such as ports, railways, docking stations, shipping areas, and large parking spaces.

If you are looking for reputed high mast poles manufacturers in India for your next project, check this useful read. In this article, we will share some of the useful insights on Utkarsh high mast poles:

  1. They are customisable: The height of the Utkarsh high mast poles depends on the application.  We offer a range of high mast poles that are used across industries: 

  • High Mast Lighting Systems (10m-60m) 

  • Octagonal Conical Street Lighting Pole (10m-60m)

  • Decorative Lighting Pole (3m onwards)

  • Utility Pole (5m onwards) 

  • Sports Lighting Structure (16m-60m) 

  • Signage Mast Structure Unipole (10m-60m)

  • Solar Pole and Mast Structure (3m-20m) 

  • Flag Mast (10m-60m) 

  1. They are designed to resist adverse weather conditions: High mast lighting systems are typically exposed to severe atmospheric conditions, including adverse weather events such as rain, humidity, storms, earthquakes, as well as high pressure and temperatures. The design of  Utkarsh high mast poles is intended to withstand these various climatic changes and resist external forces, remaining unyielding. Our high mast poles are tested to ensure they can withstand different weather conditions. This is crucial to ensure the poles are structurally sound and won't fail in severe weather like heavy rain, high winds, or earthquakes. Testing helps identify design weaknesses and vulnerabilities, enabling us to make adjustments that enhance their resilience. Through rigorous testing, we guarantee the safety and stability of our high mast poles in harsh weather conditions, ensuring they last long.

Some of the tests that our products undergo include: 

  • Wind tunnel Test by IIT Kanpur

  • Structural Stability Test by CSIR Chennai

  • Type Testing of Poles by NSIC( National Small Industries Corp Limited)

  • Type Testing of Winch by IIT Kharagpur

  1. Manufactured using high-quality machinery: Our high mast poles are manufactured using high-quality machines such as 

  • Plasma Sheet Cutting

  • CNC Press Break

  • 7-tank Galvanization Process

  • CNC Pole Closing

By using high-quality machinery, defects and weaknesses in the poles are minimised, reducing the likelihood of failure or breakdown over time. Modern manufacturing techniques and machinery also improve efficiency, resulting in faster production times and cost savings for customers. 

  1. Standards and specifications: Our high mast poles conform to the below mentioned standards and specifications: 

  • Design Standard – As per IS 875(Part – III) & ILE TR 7

  • Materials – As per BSEN 10025 Grade SJ 355 JO

  • Base Plate & Foundation Bolts – As per IS 2062 

  • Galvanization – As per IS 2629,4759,BSEN ISO 1461

  • Welding – As per IS 9595 / IS 10178 

  1. Other services offered: We also offer these services: 

  • Getting the designing and drawings done as per the clients’ requirements

  • Getting the approvals done as per the requirements from the competent authorities

  • Getting protos made if required and getting the required testing done

  • Understanding the schedule of the project and making the lots ready as per that

  • Getting the inspections and checks done in time before arranging for despatch to site

  • We also have consultancy and after-sales support services for installation and commissioning of our products. We also offer  erection services whenever required

  1. Application areas :  Our high mast poles are widely used in airport lighting systems, highway lighting systems, railway area-PWD projects, road signage poles and unipoles.

Looking for high mast pole manufacturers in India?

We are a 100% national brand with the largest production capacity of high mast poles and polygonal poles in India. We have more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing high mast & polygonal poles.We have a production capacity of 3,00,000 units of polygonal poles and 12,000 units of high mast poles per annum. Our high mast poles are hot dip galvanised to make them more durable and long-lasting. They are easy and safe for installation and use. We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture from our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified plants located in West Bengal.

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