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Useful insights on the choice of street light pole

useful insights on the choice of street light pole

Street light poles are very important for road safety. They increase visibility, enhance safety of pedestrians and direct the vehicles on a straight path.  It is important to gauge if the light pole is suitable for the area it is being installed in and its functionality should be monitored regularly. Discrepancies can lead to severe damage or hamper the safety of passers-by. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the factors mentioned below while selecting and installing street light poles.

  1. Height of the pole:  

Usually, a lighting survey is carried out to understand the optimum height of the pole that can be used to illuminate the desired area. This survey also takes into consideration the number of light fixtures required for each pole, the luminaire models and the number of poles required for the surveyed area. The height of the pole is usually determined by the following:

Width: The height of the street light pole is directly proportional to the width of the road.

Traffic: The height of the street light pole also considers the vehicle density experienced by the road. For instance high-end street lights are required for roads that are frequented by heavy vehicles. For lighter traffic, low level street lights are installed.

Spacing between street lights: Usually, the distance between street light poles should be 3-4 times the height of the poles.

Utkarsh India offers poles between 3 metres to any size as per customer specifications and design requirements. The poles are engineered with the finest raw material that guarantee longevity, strength and efficiency.

  1. Speed of wind and other environmental factors:  

When selecting road safety structures such as street light poles, it is important to consider climatic factors, especially the speed of the wind. The large size of these structures can cause significant damage to vehicles, pedestrians, and the road in the event of any failure. To prevent such occurrences, local authorities should collect data on the regular wind speed experienced in the area, enabling the installation of the appropriate sized pole. Flat terrains are prone to harmonic vibrations caused by the wind, necessitating preventative measures to mitigate associated risks. Improper installation, with components not in their intended positions, can also result in harmonic vibrations, rendering the structure unable to bear its original load. Street light poles in locations such as bridges, airports, open fields, highways, and high traffic areas are more susceptible to extreme vibrations from the wind. The use of high-quality street light poles can effectively reduce the risks associated with failure of the structure due to harsh weather conditions,

When installing the street light poles, you need to consider the environmental factors such as storms, rain or snow. Street light pole requirements vary between flatlands and hilly areas. Near coastal areas, the street light poles are exposed to heavy salt content in the atmosphere which can cause potential corrosion. This type of corrosion is also called saltwater corrosion. The poles should be coated with protective layers to increase their lifespan. This enhances the durability of the poles and they last for years without visible damage or deterioration.

The street light poles manufactured by Utkarsh India undergo a deflection test. The test measures the amount of deflection or bending that occurs in a pole under a specified load. It is an important test to ensure that the street light pole is able to withstand the weight and stress that it will be subjected to during its lifetime.

  1. Light consistency:  

The street light poles should be placed at consistent intervals. You need to ensure that the height of the poles are equal and consistent so that the road has uniform lighting. It is important to mount the light higher up the poles so that drivers inside the vehicles do not have to deal with glares. Their eyes do not have to adjust constantly while driving. With the improper placement of street light poles, drivers have to face considerable difficulty and can have visual impairment. It also makes it difficult to spot objects from far away and can cause accidents at night.

  1. Aesthetic appeal:  

Street light poles not only provide illumination but also have a positive impact on the aesthetics of roads. A consistent and well-designed street lighting system on highways is one of the reasons why people enjoy evening drives. It enhances the visual appeal of the roads and the surrounding area. Therefore, it is important to choose the right street lights that complement the surroundings. Street lights can also be used to highlight major landmarks or buildings of historical importance, as well as to lead the way to business areas or residential neighbourhoods. By adding unique features such as fountains, gardens, or statues, street light poles can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the roads.

Utkarsh India has supplied its street light poles to various clients. For instance, Utkarsh India has supplied 21,000 swaged tubular poles, 7 metres and 8 metres in height, for Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL) in Nanded, Ahmednagar, and Nagpur in Maharashtra, and Uttarakhand. We are also awarded as one of the Top 10 Poles Manufacturer in India 2023 - March 2023. Our poles are designed by experienced chartered engineers as per requirement, We design the poles as per ASCE/SEI 48-05, design as per national & international codes. To know about the types of street light poles we offer or if you want to know about our solar street light with pole and battery price, get in touch with us.

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