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Useful insights on sustainable architecture by a solar street light pole manufacturer

solar street light pole manufacturer

The focus of sustainable architecture is on building designs that use materials and construction methods that reduce the impact of development on the environment during construction as well as once the building is in use. Landscape, energy management, and stormwater management are just a few of the factors that are taken into consideration. As a reputed solar street light pole manufacturer, we share some of useful insights on sustainable architecture:

  1. Passive sustainable design: Passive sustainable design means using natural elements to keep buildings comfortable. This is done to reduce power consumption. Designing the building as per sun orientation and local climate conditions helps in thoughtful door and window placement.  For instance, in some locations, large windows, doors, and skylights can help the users and residents better manage daylighting and natural ventilation, reducing energy needs for the building. Passive sustainable design strategies need to be planned before the construction of the building starts. 

  1. Active sustainable design: Active sustainable design strategies involve the efficient HVAC, electrical, plumbing and other systems. For instance, a smart HVAC system adjusts the temperature of each part of the building based on the demand. Therefore, an empty room wonâ€�"�t be heated all the time. 

The electrical strategies will include:  

  • The use of LED lights 

  • Motion sensors 

  • Use of dimmer switches 

The plumbing strategies will include:

  • Installing low-flow faucets and showerheads

  • Insulating water pipes so that they donâ€�"�t take much time warm-up 

  • Opting for an energy-efficient tankless water heater that instantly heats water

  1. Renewable energy systems:  Passive sustainable design and renewable energy systems usually go hand in hand. Renewable energy design strategies include ideas that help harness solar and wind energy. Some of the renewable energy strategies include:  

  • Use of solar lights and solar heating systems

  • Use of wind turbines to improve indoor air quality

  • In certain situations, hydro power can be more viable as a commercial energy source than fossil-based energy 

  1. Green building materials:  The use of green building materials can reduce a building project's environmental impact.  This is why materials such as fly ash bricks, steel, lumber, bamboo, cordwoods and insulated concrete forms are used for construction as well as interior decoration. It is also important to avoid materials that contain toxins. When it comes to paint and sealants, choose the ones that have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

  1. Native landscaping:  By planting trees and grasses that are native to the area, the air quality can be improved without the need for too much watering, fertilisers and pesticides. Landscaping can also be used as part of a passive energy strategy. 

  1. Stormwater management: In urban areas, stormwater management is very important as the water runs off into roads and sewers. When stormwater management strategies are in place, the water is absorbed into the soil. The water helps in replenishing the underground aquifers. Water detention ponds, rainwater harvesting, green roofs and constructed wetlands can help rainwater from running off. 

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