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Useful insights on road safety initiatives taken by the Indian government

Road safety is an issue of concern for all countries. However, it is particularly a matter of concern for India. According to a report by the World Bank, India accounts for the highest number of deaths in road accidents in the world. The report said despite having 1% of the world’s vehicles, India registers 11% of the global death in road accidents. To improve road safety, the Indian government has undertaken initiatives. As a reputed pedestrian barriers manufacturer,  we have curated some of the road safety initiatives taken the government:


1.    Spreading awareness about road safety:

The Indian government has implemented several campaigns for spreading awareness on road safety. The government is creating awareness through the electronic media, print media and NGOs. The ministry of road transport and highways from time to time launch slogan writing contests, poster making competitions, essay writing contests and quizzes on road safety. The Indian government also organises road safety month and week every year for spreading awareness. A certification course for road safety auditors is also offered. Several awareness campaigns are launched for school-going children, who in turn educate their families and fellow students.


2.    Making roads safer:

In road safety management, an accident blackspot is a place where road traffic accidents often occur. Accident blackspots are where there are sharp curves, corners in a straight road, oncoming traffic is not clearly visible. The Indian government has made it a high priority to identify and rectify black spots on national highways.



3.     Enforcing tougher traffic rules

The Indian government is ensuring the strict enforcement of traffic laws through the use of technology. The government has installed speed tracking cameras at important intersections.


4.    Introduced Good Samaritan law

The government has introduced the Good Samaritan Law which allows anyone to come forward and offer immediate assistance to a person injured in an accident. The law protects people from police harassment, detention at hospitals, and prolonged legal formalities.


5.    Safety standards for automobiles have been improved

Safety standards for automobiles have been improved.  The norms regarding airbags, anti-braking system (ABS) and tyres have been reviewed and improved. The Indian government has also issued guidelines for fitting speed-limiting devices in all transport vehicles.


6.    Better emergency care:

The Indian government has made provision for the cashless treatment of victims of the accident during the golden hour. Ambulances are being made available at all toll plazas on National Highways. Many ambulances have been upgraded to Basic Life Support upgradation for the remaining is on the anvil.


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