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Useful insights on PVC casing pipes and borewells

PVC casing pipes offer a wide range of benefits that are perfectly suited for borewell operations and efficiency. From their chemical resistance to tough & rigid quality, PVC casing pipes can ensure smooth and long-term functionality for borewells. Here, we share some of the useful insights on PVC casing pipes and borewells.



Maintaining CPVC pipes for hot water applications involves proactive measures to preserve their integrity and functionality over time:


  • Lightweight: Since PVC casing pipes are lighter, they are easier and more cost effective to transport. Even during the installation process, their lighter weight allows for simpler workability. Also, the lighter weight of PVC pipes compared to metal pipes means lower transportation costs. It's cheaper to transport lighter materials, and PVC pipes can be transported in larger quantities at once, further reducing logistics expenses.
  • Durability: The casing pipes are known to be incredibly durable, which is essential when it comes to the underground operations of borewells. The PVC casing pipes are able to withstand the combined forces exerted by the surrounding soil and the water inside. The incredible tensile strength is one of the major reasons why these pipes are suited for installation in borewells.
  • Minimal friction: PVC casing pipes have a smooth interior finish. This reduces the friction between the pipe’s surface and the water flowing through it, allowing for easier movement.
  • Chemical resistance: These pipes are resistant to chemicals. This means, they can survive and remain functional in areas where the borewells may have alkaline or acidic water. The ability to withstand chemical reactions ensures that PVC casing pipes have a longer lifespan compared to materials that might corrode or degrade in such environments. This reduces the need for frequent replacements, thereby saving costs in the long term. PVC casing pipes do not react with the water or the chemicals in it. This is particularly important for borewells used as sources of drinking water, as it ensures that the water remains safe and uncontaminated.
  • Easy joining: PVC casing pipes with threaded terminals are designed for easy joining, streamlining the installation process. The threading ensures a strong bond and helps maintain the integrity of the pipe connection, reducing the risk of leaks or disconnections.
  • Corrosion resistant: PVC, being a non-corrosive material, is ideal for borewell applications. It does not corrode like metal pipes, ensuring a longer lifespan. This is particularly important in borewells, where the pipe is exposed to underground water and soil conditions that can be corrosive.



Looking for quality PVC casing pipes?


Explore our PVC casing pipes. They are made from superior PVC compounds, offering an ideal solution for obtaining clean water from both deep and shallow bore wells. These pipes come in four distinct types: Casing Medium, Casing Shallow, Casing Deep, and Casing Strainers, each designed to cater to specific requirements.


Key Features:


  • Compliance: Manufactured in accordance with IS 12818-2010/ASTM D1785/ DIN 4925 BIS License No- 5813874
  • Features: These pipes are chemically resistant, non-toxic, and lightweight. Their ease of transportation and installation is enhanced by threaded terminals for simple joining. They also boast a smooth surface finish, high tensile strength, and are characterised by their strong, tough, and rigid quality.
  • Applications: These pipes are versatile, used in bore wells, tube wells, as well as in residential and commercial sectors for industry plumbing.
  • Testing: To ensure quality and durability, these pipes undergo various tests, including Density Testing, Resistance to External Blow at 0 degrees centigrade, Tensile Strength Test, Vicat Softening Temperature, and Effect on Water Test.

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