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Useful insights on high mast poles, lighting quality and safety

useful insights on high mast poles


High mast poles are tall structures that support powerful lighting fixtures. They are used to illuminate large areas, such as highways, sports arenas, and public spaces. The impact of high mast poles on lighting quality and safety is important to understand in order to create well-lit environments that promote the well-being of individuals. Here, we share some of the useful insights on lighting and safety features of high mast poles.


  1. Improved lighting and safety:


With their elevated height, they minimise shadows and dark spots, ensuring even distribution of light. This improves visibility for motorists, pedestrians, and users of recreational areas. Also, this feature enhances safety and reduces the risk of accidents. High mast lighting also increases the perception of security, creating well-lit spaces that deter criminal activities. They instil a sense of safety in the surrounding areas.


  1. Wide area coverage:


One of the key advantages of high mast poles is their ability to cover large areas effectively. The tall structures, typically ranging up to 60 metres, maximises the illumination range of the lighting fixtures. This makes high mast lighting suitable for illuminating expansive spaces such as airports, seaports, industrial yards and parking lots. Fewer poles are required compared to traditional lighting systems. Thus, high mast poles offer cost-effective solutions for achieving consistent and reliable lighting across vast areas.


  1. Structural stability:


Safety considerations play an important role in the design and installation of high mast poles. These structures are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rain, and snow. The foundations of high mast poles are designed to provide stability and prevent excessive swaying or tipping. Also, safety measures such as anti-climbing devices and lightning protection systems are incorporated to minimise accidents and potential damage.


  1. Regular maintenance:


By ensuring regular maintenance, the high mast poles can continue to operate at their best, providing reliable and effective lighting. Proper maintenance also plays a crucial role in upholding safety. It minimises downtime, reducing the chances of lighting failures or outages that could potentially lead to hazardous conditions. Regular inspections can help identify any issues or malfunctions, allowing for prompt repairs and preventing potential safety risks associated with poorly maintained lighting systems.


When planning high mast lighting systems, it's important to focus on achieving proper light distribution and uniformity. Designers can do this by carefully placing the lighting fixtures and adjusting the beam angles. This helps to reduce glare and shadows while ensuring that the illuminated areas are well-covered.



Looking for a reliable high mast supplier?


Explore Utkarsh High Mast Lighting Poles. Our high mast lighting poles have successfully passed various tests conducted by renowned testing agencies. These include a Wind Tunnel Test conducted by IIT Kanpur, which evaluated their performance under different wind conditions. A Structural Stability Test conducted by CSIR Chennai ensured that the poles exhibited the necessary strength and durability. The polygonal poles underwent Type Testing by NSIC to confirm their adherence to specified standards, while the winch component underwent Type Testing by IIT Kharagpur to verify its functionality. These tests validate the quality and reliability of the Utkarsh high mast lighting poles, ensuring their suitability for use in a range of applications.


We have the highest production capacity for High Mast and Polygonal poles in the country. Our advanced production facilities, located in West Bengal, include 2 state-of-the-art units equipped with 4 galvanising units. With our robust infrastructure, we have the capability to manufacture up to 1,000 high mast poles and 25,000 polygonal poles per month. This substantial production capacity allows us to meet the demands of various projects and deliver efficient solutions to our customers.


We have an in-house facility dedicated to design, research, and development, as well as testing for raw materials, in-process items, and finished goods. This comprehensive facility allows us to thoroughly assess and verify the quality and performance of our products. We conduct periodic type testing of both the structure and components to ensure they meet the latest specifications outlined by the relevant standards, such as the IS (Indian Standards) specifications.

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