5 Useful insights on high mast lighting for parking lots
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Useful insights on high mast lighting for parking lots by a high mast manufacturer in India

Parking lot is a large area designated for vehicles to park, which can be open or covered depending on the space available. As people need a secure location to park their private vehicles, parking lots have become an essential feature of residential and commercial buildings.  To ensure the safety of vehicles in a parking lot, it is important to have proper illumination. A well-lit parking lot provides easy navigation, reduces the risk of accidents, and limits the potential for criminal activities. To achieve adequate illumination, experienced lighting professionals and engineers should be employed. For larger parking lots, an appropriately sized high mast lighting system is a recommended solution. If you are looking for more information on high mast lighting for parking lots, here is a useful read.

  1. Choose the right high mast pole manufacturer

Choosing the right manufacturer for your high mast pole is important to ensure high-quality and long-lasting performance. This is especially important in commercial parking lots where adequate lighting is essential to reduce shadows between parked cars and provide enough space for vehicles to manoeuvre safely. Utkarsh India is a trusted manufacturer of high mast lighting poles, offering numerous benefits that make them an ideal choice for parking lot lighting. Let us take a look at some the reasons why: 

  • They can be manufactured up to 60 metres.  

  • They are manufactured using steel sourced from TATA or SAIL which is hot-dip galvanised in Zinc from Hindustan Zinc

  • The materials used in these poles conform to the rigorous standards of BSEN 10025 Grade SJ 355 JO, ensuring they are built to last.

  • The high mast poles are wind tunnel tested at IIT Kanpur.

  • The vetted design software by Jadavpur University Kolkata  ensures structural stability of the mast. 

  • Our high mast poles are available both in three point and two point suspension.

  1. Determine the height

When illuminating a parking lot, it is important to understand the height at which these lighting masts are to be installed. Ensuring proper height of the high mast light pole can significantly improve the visibility of the space. Factors such as size and layout of the parking space determine the height of the high mast poles required for the parking lot. Ideally, the height of the high mast poles should be directly proportional to the width of the parking lot. However, there are other underlying factors that need to be taken into consideration such as feasibility and space limitations.  A lighting expert or an engineer is usually employed to carry out a general field analysis so that they can state the requirements for parking space. 

  1. Least and most busiest hours of the parking lot

It is important to provide sufficient lighting in busy parking spaces to enhance safety and prevent crime. Adequate lighting during peak hours can also improve the safety of drivers. The placement of the lighting fixtures is determined by the traffic experienced by the parking lot. In parking lots with ample natural light during the day, high mast poles can be installed at a considerable height to maximise the utilisation of both natural and artificial lighting. However, if the parking lot is busier at night, the fixtures should be placed lower to provide focused illumination. It is essential to install high mast poles in a way that reduces glare and shadow formations, regardless of their placement.

  1. Voltage and wattage

It is important to consider the voltage of the lamps used in high mast poles. The layout of the parking space, if the area is enclosed or open and if the place receives heavy or moderate traffic- all determine the power of the lamps needed.

  1. The distance between two fixtures

The height of the mast and the lumineers used in high mast poles are crucial factors to consider when installing high mast lighting systems in parking lots. It is important to place them at regular intervals to ensure uniform lighting throughout the parking lot. To reduce the formation of shadows and illuminate the space effectively, the spacing between the fixtures should be between 2 to 4 times the mounting height of the fixtures. 

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