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Useful insights on effective road safety campaigns by one of the leading metal crash barrier manufacturers

Road safety campaigns are great tools that can be used to increase safety awareness among motorists as well as pedestrians. For road safety campaigns to be effective, they have to be designed in a way that they are persuasive. As one of the leading metal crash barrier manufacturers, we share with you some useful insights on effective road safety campaigns:



1.    Responsible behaviour can be encouraged with positive messages


People in general respond better to positive and constructive messages and motorists are no exception to this. Road safety campaigns that have a negative tone may not go well with people. Instead of telling people what they should not do, an effective campaign would promote positive behaviour.  


2.   Humour  can get the message noticed


One of the simple ways to make road safety campaigns effective is to use humour to deliver the key message. Humorous messages are not only received positively but they are also easily noticed. Often when campaigns highlight risky driving or road use behaviours, people tend to get defensive. However,  people are more likely to be receptive to humorous messages as they seem less patronising to people.


3.   Scaring people may not necessarily be effective


Often it is assumed that people will get scared on seeing  fear-based road safety campaigns. However, fear-based campaigns that use graphic images can increase peopleâ€�"�s tendency to behave riskily on the road. On the other hand, it has been found that the impact of non-fear based campaigns is more significant in changing public attitudes towards road safety. It is therefore important to understand public perception to improve the effectiveness of campaigns that aim to improve road user behaviour.


4.     Effective safety campaigns have a multi-pronged approach 


According to a World Health Organisation study, for road safety campaigns to be effective they need to adopt a multi-pronged approach. To influence behaviour change, the campaigns must be supported by proper legislation and law enforcement.


5.    Involving children in safety campaigns can drive positive behaviour in adults


Involving children in road safety campaigns can be quite effective. Not only will they learn important safety skills but they will also positively influence their parent�"�s safety habits.


6.   Engage different organisations to create an effective road safety


When you are creating a road safety campaign, it is important to seek inputs from key stakeholders. Consulting them makes sure that the campaign is accurate, effective and reaches out to the maximum people.  Here are some of the agencies that should be consulted:

• Local government

• Local law agencies

• Public health departments

• Business leaders

• Road safety advocacy groups

• Local media

• Youth organisations



Metal crash barriers play a very important role in ensuring road safety. They help in preventing cross-over collisions. Also, in case of an accident, they help to stop vehicles from going off the road. As one of the leading metal crash barrier manufacturers, we offer crash barriers that are manufactured and tested conforming to international standards set by MORTH and AASHTO.  They are hot-dip galvanised for longer life. We are a one-stop shop for all components and anchorage systems. We deliver all over India. To know the crash barrier price, contact us.  

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