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Telecom tower safety and maintenance tips by a leading supplier of engineering products

Be it radio, mobile phones or landline phones, telecommunications towers ensure smooth connectivity. They are the backbone of a communication system. Such critical assets need routine inspection and proper maintenance. As one of the leading suppliers of engineering products, we share with you some useful telecom tower safety and maintenance tips: 

1. Trained technicians should maintain towers:
Employees maintaining the telecom towers should be well-trained. They must receive adequate training where they will learn about the safety risks and hazards involved in maintaining telecom towers and preventive steps that can be taken.

2. All the equipment must be inspected before use
Telecom maintenance employees should have access to all the required equipment such as pole climbers, body belts, positioning straps, adjustable positioning lanyards and safety harness.  Before maintenance  work is started, the condition of these tools must be inspected properly.

3.  The surrounding area must be kept clean clear of debris:
It's important to keep the surrounding area of the tower clear of debris. Not only does this help prevent accidents, but it also helps keep the tower itself clean and free of potential hazards. One way to do this is to create a buffer zone around the tower. This can be done by clearing a space of at least 10 feet around the base of the tower. This will help ensure that any debris that falls from the tower will not land on people or property.

4.  The tower should be properly grounded:
Telecom tower grounding is essential for two reasons: safety and performance. A properly grounded tower provides a safe electrical environment for both workers and equipment. It also helps ensure that the equipment works as intended. There are a few different ways to ground a telecom tower. The most common method is to use ground rods. Ground rods are driven into the ground and provide a good electrical connection to the earth.

5. Maintenance should be avoided during extreme weather conditions:
Severe weather conditions are serious safety risks, so it's important to be proactive in monitoring the forecast and taking steps to ensure the maintenance staff’s safety.

When severe weather is in the forecast, take the following steps:

  1. Avoid scheduling maintenance work during severe weather conditions.
  2. If the workers must work on a tower during severe weather, extra precautions must be taken to ensure their safety.

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